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December 30, 2016 Authentic Shouldn’t Be Difficult “To Be Honest” implies a lot. It’s over used in a world that requires us to think more about our choice of words rather than concentrating on what the person is saying. They might get offended or take something personally. You should take it personally! That’s why I’m saying it to Read More »


December 6, 2016 Strategies That Just Plain Work Direction: I have an opinion. Companies are lacking direction, maybe they’re lacking a push that will allow them the courage to choose their own direction from a sedentary lifestyle. A body at rest stays at rest, no matter the body type. What if you’re...Read More »


November 29, 2016 Trust yourself, if you are right you will be happy, if you are wrong, you will be wiser. I’ll preface this by saying, there is nearly a 100% that, by public standards, I am crazy. My ideas are consistently deemed “Idealist” and far removed from the reality we currently...Read More »


November 22, 2016 Operating as Visionary of Fountain Forward has allowed me to experience the other side of the learning curve: I am able to act as a mentor.  Staying teachable throughout a lifetime is an integral piece to business and personal success. From 2012-2015 I spent the majority of my time...Read More »

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