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Fountain Forward is a hyper-motivated crew that works to accomplish one thing: persuade people to do business with you, and do it more often. Seeing you make more money is what drives us to slam down a couple of espressos every morning and fire up our brain cells. Does that make us weird? Maybe. But it’s a pretty good deal for you, right?

Stephen Jurgella - Founder and CEO

Stephen is our fearless leader. High-energy, literally never ever stops moving. When it comes to your campaign, all that energy becomes laser-focused to ignite amazing strategies that get the job done and make you money. Oh, and he’s a pretty wicked golfer, so if you need to round out a foursome or sandbag the club championship, hit him up.

Chris Gatterson - Director of Search

Brought to you by OCD and extreme paranoia, Chris keeps our clients ready for anything and ahead of the crowd (that’s undoubtedly out to get him). From optimizing websites and ad campaigns to surviving a zombie apocalypse, Chris has a great plan… and two backups plans. Just in case. His skills ensure that your business will be found, but you won’t find him.

Phil Trzebiatowski - Analytics Director

Yeah, his last name is as complicated as the data he deciphers. He likes to dive deep into the details, see the trends, and craft a story from the numbers that the rest of our team can digest. Despite his eager and analytical mind, he’s a real softy and wants everyone to live in harmony. This Wisconsin native loves sunsets and will end his day watching the golden hour over happy hour. Go Badgers Go!

Kelly Hipsher - Project Manager

Kelly is our master of projects. Samurai of task completion. Ninja warrior of goals. Holy crusader of getting the job done. Norwegian ski infantry of making it happen. Mohawk warrior of getting the ball rolling. Conquistador of project domination. Also, she had perfect attendance her entire six years of elementary school (no surprise there) and was born in Puerto Rico.

Chris Jones - Director of Social Media

Boss of all things social, Chris keeps you connected to customers – always ready with a great meme or testimonial that gets people clicking and sharing. Plus he’s a human, not a robot (or so we think) so he knows when and where to shift to keep these ever-changing beings engaged and wanting more. Grab a well-crafted IPA with Chris and get ready to socialize.

Kat Cunningham - Director Of Client Relations

Lover of dad jokes, positive vibes, and great conversation, Kat is your go-to BFF at Fountain Forward. As your #1 fan and advocate, she’s passionate about taking care of all Fountain Forward clients like they’re her fam. She’s here to welcome you, make you feel at home, and will do everything she can to keep you happy and satisfied with the services Fountain Forward provides to you. And if you’re lucky, she might even send you some of her famous chocolate chip cookies!

Houston-Marketing-Consultant - Waldo

Wilbur - Security Director / Team Mascot

160 lbs of pure muscle and mush, this Great Dane is the gentlest of giants and ultimate protector of the couch.  When in need of some good vibes, stress reliving petting, or quality content for your Instastory, Wilbur will always be there, on the couch, to support you. Please don’t disturb him from his snoozels unless you have his leash in hand or can assure him his humans are coming home.

Committed To Your Goals

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