Bayside Mitsubishi and Fountain Forward: A Powerful Partnership for Record Sales Volume

Bayside Mitsubishi, located in the Houston Metro area, has become one of the highest volume Mitsubishi stores in the country. 

The dealership is no stranger to Fountain Forward. We collaborated back in 2021 when we helped them become the top dealership in their competitive pool in 90 days.

Read our blog about our initial partnership here.  

Despite the success we had together, Bayside attempted to bring their marketing in-house and parted ways with Fountain Forward in 2021. 

Since then, the dealership has seen their cost per car creep up to unfavorable levels. With a target to cut the cost per car in half, Bayside Mitsubishi resumed its collaboration with Fountain Forward in February 2023. 

In our first month back with Bayside Mitsubishi, they tied a record number of sales at 98 units!

Sounds ridiculously awesome, right? We thought so, too.

Here’s How We Did It (Again!):

Fountain Forward implemented our proprietary Automotive Accelerator, an approach to optimize marketing spend, increase quality leads, and identify and rectify bottlenecks, at Bayside.

By doing so, Bayside Mitsubishi was able to reach new heights in terms of sales, CORE leads, appointments, and outbound calls made by the sales team. 

The team at Fountain Forward quickly got to work. 

In our first month back, Both new and used sales also increased.

February’s new sales number nearly broke an all-time record! Only three prior months having performed better by a handful of moments. 

One of the key strategies implemented for Bayside was to focus on increasing in-market demand and ensuring it converts into what we call, CORE lead volume. 

CORE lead volume jumped to a 6-month high in our first month back.

This jump ultimately led the dealership to sell a record amount of vehicles through their website. 

Another significant change was seen in the number of outbound calls made by the dealership. 

In February, Bayside tied a record for appointments set. 

Due to their sales team’s efforts, Bayside Mitsubishi had the highest number of appointments shown in the last year, leading to them tying their appointments sold record over the last year, too!

In Conclusion:

Bayside’s New Media Mix is now allowing the dealership to find and convert more in-market demand. And way more efficiently, if we might add. 

This example with Bayside does a great job of highlighting when done correctly, strong fundamentals can and will propel a dealership. 

At Bayside Mitsubsihi… 

Traffic has increased and has converted into opportunity at a higher rate. 

The dealership has gotten those people into the dealership by prioritizing appointments. 

The sales team has capitalized on the increase in opportunities. In our first month back, Bayside sold 51.85% more cars via their website compared to the pre-fountain forward average. 

The cost per car is on its way down, and sales are on the way up. 

Stay tuned for an update to see how Bayside Mitsubishi’s progress goes!