Fountain Forward Automotive Edge Makes Dealership $605,477 in the First 3 Months After Enrolling!

Superior Subaru was one of many dealerships we have seen that believed they had potential to sell more cars, but was not. 

The dealership was consistently selling between 150-160 units per month, but they could not break through that ceiling and reach the next level. 

After starting the Fountain Forward Automotive Edge, Superior Subaru increased their profit by 163% year over year during Q2 of 2020.

The dealership profited an additional $605,477 while cutting their marketing budget by 17.54%.

The reason the dealership wasn’t reaching their potential, more or less, was because Superior Subaru’s current sales process wasn’t fit to take the dealership to the next level.

It was about making the right decision to get them there, and keeping what was working well.

For Superior Subaru, the dealership was turning away business and was unaware there was a better way to sell cars.

Increases in leads and opportunity at the dealership were not leading to more sales with the current process in place.

Fountain Forward knew the opportunity that was coming to the dealership was of high quality and was not resulting in more sold vehicles.

After months of continuing to miss opportunity, and with the amazing cooperation of Superior Subaru management, Fountain Forward secretly shopped Superior Subaru and their competitors and confirmed the sales process could be drastically improved for the Subaru customer.

Even after optimizing ad campaigns and increasing lead quantity and quality, we saw the dealers closing % fall. 

When a sales team has reached capacity, increases in leads will result in a lower closing ratio rather than more sales.

We have seen sales teams reach saturation and lose potential sales at many dealerships.

This was a tell tale sign that Superior Subaru’s sales team was at capacity and needed to upgrade their human capital or processes.

Superior Subaru enrolled in the Fountain Forward Automotive Edge, which is a unique sales evaluation and development service that caters specifically to automotive dealerships.

We will evaluate your salesforce to understand their individual sales profile and build personalized training and coaching sessions to improve their competencies based on the most comprehensive sales psychological assessment available.


  1. Total gross increased by 163% year over year during Q2 as the dealership made an additional $605,477 in PROFIT
    • This increase was done with a 17.54% decrease in monthly advertising spend year over year.
  1. Superior Subaru saw a 105% increase in PROFIT after starting Fountain Forward Automotive Edge.
  • Average monthly revenue increased from $185k per month to $380k per month. 
  • NOTE: Even though we started our process in April, the real results started when the program began in the month of May!

Do you feel like you are leaving additional opportunities on the table? 

That’s normal. And you are not alone.

If you feel you aren’t reaching your potential, do you understand why you aren’t selling more vehicles?

  • Do you have low quality leads that aren’t converting into sales?
  • Is it the choice of words you use with your customers?
  • Is it the frequency of communication you’re using?
  • Are you contacting them on the wrong medium?
  • Maybe you don’t want to grow too rapidly?

The foundation of the Fountain Forward Automotive Edge is to understand your dealership and your needs. We understand the consumer and we understand the sales process.

The “Edge” is custom to your dealership so you can be confident that you will have a better understanding of your sales and lead DNA.

This process saves an average dealership of $161,000 annually between hiring costs and opportunities lost by sales staff.

Moreover, when adopted by a committed sales staff, our program unleashes upwards of $1 million in gross in its first year.

If you believe you have the human capital, or are willing to upgrade your human capital, this process is a pathway to more sales and more gross.