How Mobile Mitsubishi Shattered Their New Car Sales Goal in Just 30 Days

Imagine being a dealership that is struggling with new car sales volume.

You continue to see competitor dealership’s outperform you month after month. You’re getting sick of lagging behind.   

It can be frustrating to not be able to hit that desired number of new cars sold, despite putting in a lot of effort. 

Imagine finding a solution to this problem and within 30 days, hitting your sales goal!

That’s exactly what happened to Mobile Mitsubishi, once they partnered with Fountain Forward in February of 2023.  

With the help of The Automotive Accelerator, the dealership optimized their marketing spend, increased quality leads, and identified bottlenecks at the store. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at how Mobile Mitsubishi achieved record-breaking sales numbers with Fountain Forward’s Automotive Accelerator

Here’s What Happened

James Jessee, the GM of Mobile Mitsubishi, was not satisfied with the lack of new car sales at his dealership. 

While they were doing a good job with used car sales, James saw an opportunity to increase their new car sales and set a goal to be in the 45-50 new car sales range. 

Month after month, the dealership would find itself missing their objective. James had enough!

In February 2023, they partnered with Fountain Forward to implement The Automotive Accelerator. The results were nothing short of phenomenal. Check them out below. 

Here’s How We Did It:

The Fountain Forward team worked closely with James and his staff to create a comprehensive strategy that focused on increasing in-market demand, converting those users into leads, and capitalizing on the opportunity with their sales team. 

The first step was to identify areas where they could increase in-market demand. 

As part of Fountain Forward’s discovery process, we conducted a thorough analysis of their dealership performance and realized the dealership was a great fit for our proprietary Automotive Accelerator. 

Fountain Forward launched a series of campaigns on the most successful platforms to drive & convert demand to Mobile’s website.

Before implementing the new media mix, Fountain Forward conducted a website audit, to ensure that Mobile Mitsubishi’s website was optimized to convert users into opportunities. 

Mobile Mitsubishi followed Fountain Forward’s conversion rate optimization best practices and braced for the increase in the traffic. 

Sure enough, website traffic jumped to an all time high! 

Sure, increasing traffic is cool. But that doesn’t actually sell cars unless it converts. It did for Mobile. 

Website leads, we call them CORE leads, increased by 99.62% MOM. New leads specifically, increased to a record high. 

The sales staff at Mobile has done an excellent job capitalizing on the increase in opportunities. Outstanding work by everyone involved!

Finally, we wanted to give a shoutout to James Jessee, the GM at Mobile Mitsubishi. He is a tremendous leader, which is evident in the results above. 


In our first month with Mobile Mitsubishi, all kinds of records were broken. 

  • Traffic
  • New Leads
  • New Sales
  • Total Sales

With The Automotive Accelerator, Mobile Mitsubishi is confident that their inventory is being distributed effectively, and they are capitalizing on the increased lead volume. 

James Jessee and his team are executing well at the store as they look to maintain this momentum.

If you’re looking to increase your dealership’s new car sales, consider implementing The Automotive Accelerator with Fountain Forward. Schedule a call today!