How Wischnewsky CDJR Grew From 58 TO 196 Units Sold Per Month In The Last 12 Months

Dealers are making some CRAZY MONEY right now, but how many dealers are DOUBLING their sales while taking share directly from one of the top CDJR stores in the WORLD, AutoNation CDJR of Spring, Texas?

In the first 12 months of taking over the dealership and partnering with Fountain Forward, Wischnewsky CDJR sold 1,701 new and used vehicles – 149.05% more vehicles than the previous 12 months. Wischnewsky is now averaging 146 units per month in a store that used to average less than 60, with their highest month ever of 196 units in June 2021.  

 Context around Wischnewsky’s first few months below:

In June of 2020, Josh Wischnewsky was on the hunt for a new store, and with his track record at Winnie Dodge, he knew a store just outside the metro area was familiar territory. Josh set his sights on Team Dodge, a CDJR store located in Huntsville, TX.

One thing for sure, Josh knows how to take market share. Since Fountain Forward helped Josh hit first place in his PMA with Winnie Dodge, Josh hired us immediately for his next dealership for consulting, advertising, and to crush a new set of competitors. 

Now after 12 months of buying the dealership, Wischnewksy CDJR is making it even harder for their competitors to breathe amidst a once in a lifetime inventory crunch. I mean, just look at the change in market share year over year below.

What Happened!?

Before becoming Wischnewsky Dodge, the dealership was formerly known as Team Dodge, located in Huntsville, TX. Team Dodge moved 58 total units per month on average for the last five years. 

The old dealership, Team Dodge, had tremendous room for improvement and kept things pretty steady for the most part. They had inventory, a decent sales team, and they advertised a bit, but with no real plan or strategy.

Fountain Forward helped Wischnewsky Dodge do a market analysis, launch the new dealership, and change the narrative in the marketplace. As soon as we looked at the market data, we knew there was opportunity to grow. We analyzed the cost to advertise in that market AND the advertising channels available.

We realized that Team Dodge’s digital strategy was virtually non-existent, and Wischnewsky Dodge was a great candidate for our proprietary Marketing Mix Modeling technology. Instead of putting Wischnewsky’s advertising dollars in saturated and competitive channels, we used our proprietary Marketing Mix Modeling to allocate our marketing/advertising resources.

Since starting advertising with Wischnewsky Dodge, Fountain Forward has been able to attribute 543 vehicle purchases worth $2,175,310.15 in total gross at the dealership JUST on FACEBOOK ALONE. 

*After documenting our results, Bob Lanham, Head of Automotive Retail for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp (Meta) featured Fountain Forward in AdWeek.


In the first 12 months of taking over the Wischnewsky dealership: 

  • Sold 1,701 new and used vehicles. 149.05% more vehicles than the previous 12 months.
  • Wischnewsky is now averaging 146 units per month in a store that used to average less than 60.
  • Website Traffic increased by 164.97% in the first 12 months. 
    Lead Volume increased by 100.77%

These results are similar to other dealerships we have worked with around the country, though Josh has produced one of the strongest case studies in our history. If you’re curious to see if we can help grow your dealership in a similar way, just click the button and I will give you a call.

At the very minimum, we’ll conduct a Marketing Mix Model on your dealership and hand it right to you with our recommendations. Cheers.