Swope Mitsubishi: Our Facebook Strategy nearly beat a Toyota store

Imagine increasing grosses at your dealership by over 50% next month (32% year over year) without increasing your dealership’s advertising budget.

Could you believe that changing your strategy on just one platform could boost sales AND profits at your dealership? Again, without spending any more money.

That is exactly what happened to Swope Mitsubishi in Radcliff, Kentucky.

Swope hired Fountain Forward to run ads on Facebook and then analyze them with Analytics Edge. In an attempt to maximize Swope’s constrained marketing budget, we used all available ad spend on our proprietary Facebook strategy.

Swope’s Facebook ads provided an immediate increase in opportunity at the dealership, ultimately increasing the dealership’s profitability.

  • Without increasing ad spend, Swope Mitsubishi increased sales by 18% year over year and 13% month over month along with increasing grosses 55.7% month over month in December, our first month after launching our new Facebook ads strategy.
  • In January of 2021, the dealership was over 200% more profitable year over year.
  • Just three months after running social ads, Swope Mitsubishi recorded a record amount of lead volume in February of 2021.
    • These aren’t Cargurus, AutoTrader, or other Third Parties. These are CORE Leads coming through their website.

This comes down to spending their money in the most efficient way possible, and quickly “tuning” the system to optimize profits. Plug and play does not work, and that’s why Swope and Fountain Forward have been successful together. 

Who’s next?

Steve Warren, the GM of Swope Mitsubishi noticed the increase in opportunity immediately. 

Amongst their other family of dealers, swope consistently ranked last or second to last for used car sales each month.

In the first month with us (December 2020), they rose to 2nd place in their group of dealerships for the first time… Their group includes Ford, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram. 

Here’s how we did it

With Swope Mitsubishi, new inventory constraints and limitations forced us to get creative with our strategy. The day we launched ads, there were less than 10 new Mitsubishi cars on the lot. 

We ran dynamic ads to the 2 new models that they had, but didn’t gain any traction on those ad sets, so we turned them off quickly. 

We shifted our focus entirely around selling their used inventory. Since Swope is part of a dealership group and is able to sell used inventory that belongs to other dealerships within the same group, we had a huge amount of used inventory to work with.

The increased level of inventory gave us data that we’re able to capitalize on.

We picked several different makes and models to make ad catalogs of, and changes said catalogs as the data came in. This allows us to make the most money for our dealers. 

The end result was a massive shift in their used car sales momentum with used sales increasing by 30% in our first month.

Don’t just take our word for it.

As Steve Warren, the general manager at Swope Mitsubishi said, “We are feeling good about making an outside of the box decision. Looking back on the last 3 months, I can fully say we trust 100% what the team at Fountain Forward is doing”.

These results for Swope Mitsubishi are similar to other dealerships around the country. If you’re curious to see if we can help grow your dealership in a similar way as Swope, click the button below!