3 Tips For Marketing Your Brand On TikTok

3 Tips For Marketing Your Brand On TikTok

Are you considering marketing your brand on TikTok? If so, you’re not the only one. While TikTok may still be in its infancy, it’s getting enough attention that marketers are definitely beginning to experiment with it.

What helps TikTok stand out among the competition is that it’s more of an entertainment platform, instead of a lifestyle platform. And what makes it so attractive is that practically anyone can become a content provider because of the simplicity of using the app. That’s why it appeals to so many content creators around the world.

TikTok is still evolving as a platform so it’s currently somewhat difficult for most brands to figure out how to approach it from a marketing perspective.

Data from app analytics provider Sensor Tower shows that as of November 2019 TikTok had surpassed 1.5 billion downloads. In fact, TikTok was the third most downloaded app for all of 2019!

For the moment at least TikTok’s current userbase is overwhelmingly young people. So it’s important to keep that in mind when thinking about using it as a marketing platform. If your brand’s target audience is senior citizens you should probably focus your marketing efforts elsewhere.

With that said, nearly all social media platforms started out with a primarily younger audience that eventually grew into platforms embraced by a wide segment of the population. So it could make sense to get in on the ground floor before it gets too crowded, or just hold off for now and revisit it in the future as the platform matures. It is worth noting that the number of adults using TikTok has risen significantly over the last 18 months to more than 14 million users.

If you’re trying to focus on reaching a larger audience through super creative video content then TikTok just might be the platform for you.

So for those of you who’ve decided to go ahead and take the TikTok marketing plunge, here are 3 tips to help you hit the ground running.

1. Be Authentic And Have Fun With It

The first thing you will notice about TikTok is that nobody takes themselves too seriously. The app is first and foremost about having fun. Be yourself and don’t be afraid to experiment and just have fun with it. See what works and what doesn’t.

Your best bet is to make lighthearted videos that show off your business and what you have to offer. The key is to be super creative with it. Your videos should be unique, fun, and engaging for fans. Research what other brands are doing on the platform and how they’re approaching it.

2. Take Advantage Of The Video Editing Tools

You really need to punch up your videos and make them pop if you want traction on TikTok. Fortunately, the app provides an extensive suite of easy video editing tools, filters, and a ton of music.

  • Max video length is 1-minute. The sweet spot is 15-20 seconds.
  • Be as humorous and informal as possible.
  • Add music to get more engagement and interest.
  • Use relevant #hashtags to get the most exposure. Check out the trending hashtags on TikTok’s discover page.

3. Experiment Like Crazy

As I said at the outset of this post, TikTok as a platform is still evolving. Even veteran TikTok users don’t know where the platform is heading. Throw caution to the wind and just throw stuff out there and see what works and what resonates with people. The tools TikTok provides make the possibilities virtually limitless from a creativity standpoint, so go crazy with it.

Final Thoughts

It’s still too early to tell if TikTok will have the kind of staying power that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms have enjoyed. It could just be a passing fad, but early indications suggest it definitely has the potential to catch on and evolve into a more widely accepted platform that appeals to a wide variety of people, brands, and organizations.

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