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Common Google My Business Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

1. Not Claiming Your Listing

The most significant oversight is not to claim a Google My Business listing that is already online. You are reading this article, though, so the odds are good that you have already done so or are planning on claiming it soon. There are other common pitfalls to avoid with a GMB listing, too.

2. Missing or Incorrect Information

Covering the necessary information is critical for any successful GMB listing. Fill out as many relevant fields on the listing as possible. Companies should also suggest edits if any information is erroneous, especially if it is damaging to the business image or could confuse customers.

GMB Optimization

3. Lack of Reviews

Reviews are a vital link when it comes to building trust between a business and its customers. Reviews give people confidence that they will be spending their money and time wisely. A lack of reviews also hinders the company’s ability to establish a robust company-client foundation.  

There are many ways to get reviews, and the easiest one is to ask. Businesses post review requests on social media, receipts, or their website. One way to sweeten the deal is to offer a small discount or promotion to any person that submits a review.

4. Lack of Photos

There are plenty of businesses that overlook the importance of photos. Instead of submitting images of the services or inventory, it defaults to the Google Street view. There is nothing inherently wrong with Google Street view, but it can feel impersonal when someone is trying to research a company.

A business should upload ten or so images of the interior and exterior. These can showcase the company at different times of the day, as well as the staff. It is also possible to hire Google Trusted Photographers, who will perform a 360-degree tour of the location for the ultimate interactive experience.

5. Only Picking One Category

Depending what type of business you’re in, your Google My Business could and should include multiple categories. For example, a car dealer with an attached service center would want to make sure they select “car dealer, used car dealer, service center, auto repair” as their categories. This will ensure your GMB shows up for every category of service your business provides.  

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