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Five Reasons Why You Need a Marketing Agency on Your Team – Today!

Let’s get one thing out front right away – while I run a successful marketing agency, I don’t consider myself a marketer. In fact, I hired a marketing agency before I started one. I’m a hospitality/service kinda guy. That’s what I studied in school. I started a marketing agency because I wanted to make the marketing experience as easy as possible and provide true value for my clients. 

I want you to understand, while you may consider marketing a “necessary evil,” or “something I have to do,” it’s probably not what you’re best at and that’s NORMAL. It’s not what YOU went to school for, or learned the hard way. Our team doesn’t run a home services company, or a car dealership, or a local brick and mortar business like yours, but we’re really good at what we do – partnering with businesses and handling the marketing that is necessary for them to grow, so they can do what they are passionate about – their business.

Do you want to grow your business and do what you’re passionate about? Then you need a marketing agency on your team – today, and here are five reasons: 

  1. The Ultimate Resource Machine

There are TONS of options in today’s landscape, The majority of SMBs that we work 

with at our agency have one internal employee that is responsible for the website, 

emails, CRM, Social Media, Event Planning,Public Relations, and slew of other tasks that can be categorized as “marketing.” t come their way. Think about that – ONE employee. If you asked them if they could use help, you would get a resounding “YES!” 


The right marketing agency has experts on their team. YOUR team! 


When we’re in the qualifying phase with a prospect we ask, “What do you think you are best at and why? How much benefit is that to the business?”. I can promise you very few, if any say “I’m a great at marketing.” 

If you have the right marketing agency, they can not only help you with strategy and tactics, while bringing you a solid ROI, they should have a team who are specialized in each of the areas you need help with – SEO, Digital Advertising, Messaging and Branding. You get the picture. 

  1. Unmatched Experience


The ability to adapt your marketing under unforeseen circumstances can be the difference between being in business and staying in business


Experience matters. REAL experience matters even more. It pays to work with a team that has “been there.” It pays significantly more if the team you work with has been there for a long time.

Are you prepared for your next marketing challenge? We’re living it right now with the COVID-19 pandemic. A good Marketing Agency should not only have significant experience in the areas you’ve hired them for, but also with the critical problems that come up along the way that could derail a businesses marketing efforts. That’s really what you’re paying for! 

The ability to adapt to circumstances in a short time is important. Changing messaging tactics, rethinking how you interact with customers, how you react, can be the difference between being in business and staying in business after the storm has passed.  

  1. Creativity & Creative

When you think “creative” you often think about that slogan, fun ad campaign, great billboard. All marketing agencies should be able to deliver great creative. But, what about creatively solving problems? Finding ways to attack a difficult situation while maintaining the integrity of your business. What is that worth? 


Creativity should be applied to solving problems – not just developing slogans


Finding a marketing partner who has your back when times are tough – and who doesn’t react just to placate you, is something you should definitely value – and seek out. 

  1. Consistency & Speed

Not all small businesses want an agency, but the ones that do, want to get to the next level and they want to be held accountable. If you try to execute on marketing programs without proper planning, you lose. If your tactics match your strategy (and you SHOULD have a strategy!), then you win. 


If your tactics match your strategy – you win. You do have a strategy, right? 


As I mentioned before, you have a job to do – and I can promise you it’s not developing solid marketing strategies and the tactics you need to execute on those strategies. A great marketing agency lives and breathes strategic planning and execution – so you  don’t have to do so! 

To me, this is vital to a strong agency-business partnership. The agency is here to qualify your problems, and doing that on a consistent basis to ensure you stay the course. 

  1. Affordability

The cost of acquiring and maintaining an in-house marketing team can be extremely high. One of the more surprising benefits of hiring a marketing agency is cost-effectiveness. Hiring a marketing agency in the long term will end up saving you   time and money. 


The cost of hiring an internal marketing “team” can reach upwards of $300,000. Compare that with the cost of hiring a great marketing agency. 


Consider this, to hire an internal marketing manager, web designer, graphic designer, content writer, and social media manager, the total cost can reach upwards of $310,000 a year in salaries alone before you give them any benefits. 

Hiring a marketing agency allows you access to a team of experts in various fields of marketing – from SEO to public relations for a more reasonable cost. 

One of the best investments you can make for your business is to enter into a partnership with a marketing agency that has the expertise, experience, and ability to not only develop strategies but execute on the tactics. The key term here is partnership. You need an agency that cares about your business and wants you to succeed, not an agency who sees you as adding to their bottom line. 

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