How to Market Your Podcast

We live in an era where the future of entertainment is reliant on streaming. The direction in which we approach our entertainment has become hinged on consuming the media we want at our own pace and time. But beyond paid subscriptions and the value of Hollywood storytelling, freelance content creators such as podcasters and vloggers are on the rise, too. 

Pegged as internet celebrities, artists that thrive in the digital space are also starting to make a name for themselves. 

For this article, we’re focusing on what it means to be a podcaster and what steps you can take to successfully market your podcast. 

Release multiple episodes on the day of your launch 

flatlay photography of wireless headphonesIf you’re still in your podcast’s production stages, don’t rush into publishing your first one just yet. Marketing experts advise that you release about three to five episodes on your launch date. When you publish only one, you risk the chances of losing your listeners on the onset, especially if your pilot episode isn’t something they find inviting. Remember that even when you know precisely who your target market is, people will still want variety. When you offer them a selection, they’ll likely find an episode they’ll want to finish. 

Prioritize episodes where you have guest interviewees. Studies say that listeners are more engaged when they hear an actual conversation of two or more people versus listening to a podcast where only one speaker carries the entire show. 

Prompt your audience to subscribe, leave reviews, and share your episodes 

There is no substitute for word of mouth. Ask your listeners to invite others to help grow your channel. Furthermore, asking your listeners to share your episodes and leave reviews on your podcast’s social media platforms encourages dialogue. Don’t be defensive should there be negative comments. Be honest, and say that as your podcast progresses, you’ll be more able to produce content tailor-fit to your listeners’ specific needs and requests. 

Authenticity is the key to success. Humanize your podcast’s brand as much as possible and approach your marketing strategy with a friendly, conversational tone. Podcasts are meant to initiate conversations. That being the case, your digital offering should do the same. Ask your listeners to comment, write back, and share their thoughts. 

silver iMac on brown wooden deskBe wise with publishing dates 

Podcast trends exist for a reason. Algorithms don’t lie, and listening habits dictate the direction podcasts go. Familiarise your audience and study other podcasters. When do they publish? What is their reasoning? What time is the majority of your target market awake and most likely to be in the mood to listen to a podcast?

There’s a solid reason why many podcasters upload their episodes in the morning or late afternoon. These are usually the times people drive back to their homes or commute to work. Like many things in marketing, what works for you may not work for others. Check your podcast contemporaries and find out what their strategies are. 

Manually network 

black laptop computerAgain, there is no substitute for word-of-mouth marketing. Talk about your podcast to as many relevant people as possible. Reach out to existing publications and artists with platforms. Finding the right online space to advertise in is crucial in getting your product out. 

Look for conferences, key speakers, agencies, and talent scouts to partner with. But before that, prepare a plan. Have a podcast brief ready. Like pitching to clients for a project, make sure the specifics are clear. Who is your audience? How long do you intend to run the podcast? Who are upcoming guests on the show? A few partnerships may include monetary compensation, so be prepared to cover that, as well. 

Contact your heroes 

If you and a co-host mention a few brands or personalities and talk about them in good light, consider reaching out to them. For instance, if you’re a graphic designer who continually talks about a well-known internet creative, try sending them an email and mention how their work or presence has inspired you. You’ll never actually know if they tweet about you or sponsor your future episodes.

man sitting on car seat front of steering wheel holding phoneAll that said, be realistic and upfront with what you want from them. If you reach out to an influencer, ask them if they’re willing to retweet a sound bite where you mention them in an episode. If you talk positively about a restaurant, ask them if they’d be eager to share one of your social media posts on their own page. The more popular establishments talk about your podcast, the easier it will be for you to reach out to as many people as possible. 

Invest in vodcast equipment

Yes, you signed up to be a podcaster, not a Youtuber. But times have changed, and people are visual creatures. While podcasting requires only your audio to get it running on Spotify and other audio streaming empires, video recording your conversation adds value to your digital offering. 

Get your interviewees’ consent and post the video of your conversation on your podcast’s social media pages. Whether via video conferencing apps or an in-person interview, your audience is more likely to stick around if they also get a glimpse of how these conversations look like in real life. 

As opposed to only having a static image onscreen, being able to see how you and your interviewee react to each other humanizes, even more, your conversations.

black DSLR camera beside two personRecord a tagline with your interviewees 

For advertising purposes, have your guests record themselves mentioning their name and your podcast show. For example, “I’m Brad Pitt and you’re listening to Movie Nights with Chris Gatterson.” These make for great audio snippets and intros. What’s more, you can use these soundbites to promote an episode without revealing too much information. 

Optimize your podcast with SEO initiatives 

A study says there are 6.9 billion searches on Google every single day. As a marketer and podcaster, you can be sure that a fraction of those digits is dedicated to your industry and expertise.

Whether you have a website or only a substantial media presence matters. When your digital bases are SEO-optimized, you’re more likely to appear in the top list of search engine results pages. Study the kind of content SEO covers. Build a website when you can, and start writing. There are various ways for your content to be discovered. Be smart and use the internet to your advantage. 

green white and red plastic toy gunOverall, marketing your podcast is both easy and challenging, considering all the noise of social media. The truth is, if you’re not wise about how you sell your product, you could easily be left behind. Make meaningful collaborations and work with people you trust. 

Marketing your podcast takes time, effort, and skill.

If you’re looking for an excellent digital creative agency to help you out with your podcast efforts, give us a call. We know just what to do to build your brand. 



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