How To Take Over a New Dealership and Double Sales in Under 60 Days

Imagine you’re buying a brand new dealership and in your mind you are thinking, “Maybe I’ll be profitable by the end of this year.” or “I hope to make my investment back in two to three years.”

Then, in your very first month after buying that dealership, you end up hitting your expected pro forma that you were planning to hit over a year from now.

In your first full month at your dealership, you have had the BEST month ever in the trackable history of that dealership.

Seems pretty crazy right?

Well, that’s exactly what happened for GM and owner, Josh Wischnewsky of Wischnewsky Dodge.

Since Fountain Forward helped Josh hit first place in his PMA for his other dealership, Winnie Dodge, Josh hired us immediately for his next dealership for consulting, advertising, and branding.

Swope Mitsubishi: Our Facebook Strategy nearly beat a Toyota store

Imagine increasing grosses at your dealership by over 50% next month (32% year over year) without increasing your dealership’s advertising budget.

Could you believe that changing your strategy on just one platform could boost sales AND profits at your dealership? Again, without spending any more money.

That is exactly what happened to Swope Mitsubishi in Radcliff, Kentucky.

Swope hired Fountain Forward to run ads on Facebook and then analyze them with Analytics Edge. In an attempt to maximize Swope’s constrained marketing budget, we used all available ad spend on our proprietary Facebook strategy.

Swope’s Facebook ads provided an immediate increase in opportunity at the dealership, ultimately increasing the dealership’s profitability.

Dealership Marketing Giants Are NOT What You Think They Are

Could you imagine your dealership was able to start a campaign to buy more used vehicles using social media that increased your inventory levels AND created $70,598.14 in total economic benefit for your dealership?

All done while spending LESS THAN $1,000. $996.61 to be exact.

Yes, you read that right. Those numbers are real.

Is Website Speed Important?

It is challenging to overstate the importance of website speed to your user and customer experience. It can make or break whether someone visits a site or bounces into another. Every second your site can’t be reached increases the odds that a visitor will take their business elsewhere.

Roughly 46 percent of people say a website’s loading time is the least ‘likable’ part of browsing the Internet. This concern creates an enormous incentive for companies to make sure their websites excel at speed. Sites that load within five seconds see 70 percent longer sessions than those that load in 19 seconds, for example.  

WHAT Is a Brand Guide and WHY Do You Need One?

If you want your company to connect with consumers, you need to increase your brand awareness. A brand guide helps keep your business on strategy, remain consistent with customers and keeps them loyal to your product or service. But what a brand guide is, and why is it critical for the success of your business?

The Power of Branding

Your brand is the heart and soul behind your corporate image. It’s what consumers can relate to and what turns them into loyal customers.

Beyond the initial awareness of your company, branding results may also create a tribe or an active community of like-minded people. These people become loyal customers and ambassadors of your products or services