Automation Specialist

Job Description:

  • Review internal processes, procedures, methodologies, standards and work with the team to ensure processes are repeatable and efficient.
  • Identify opportunities to move from human effort to automated process 
  • Gather input from CSM’s and management on automation opportunities
  • Build a process map and an automation process document 
  • Manage the tools necessary to execute upon identified opportunities 
  • Do research and recommend changes to current tools and/or new tools required to execute automation initiatives and to improve work productivity 
  • Collaborate with the team to strategize & align long term solutions for test automation including roadmap, tools, framework & approach.
  • Measure efficiency and effectiveness of automated outreach toward business goals
  • Work with the operations team to ensure that the SOPs are properly updated with every completed or updated automation project 
  • Responds appropriately and competently to the demands of work challenges when confronted with changes, ambiguity, adversity, and other pressures.
  • Develop client systems based on business requirements

Sales/CRM Management

  • Manage the backend of our Sales CRM (GoHighLevel)
  • Manage our email marketing program. Monitor and optimize email campaigns to improve deliverability, open rates, and clickthrough rates
    Work with Sales team to design nurture programs that accelerate the lead conversion from lead to sales qualified opportunity (SQL)


  • Passion for achieving excellence in technical, process, quality and reliability.
  • Must be extremely detail and technology oriented and possess excellent communications skills.
  • Thorough understanding and hands on experience in developing, enhancing automation testing frameworks.
  • Strong troubleshooting and root cause analysis abilities.
  • Experience in using Zapier and GoHighLevel


  • Task Success Rate – 100% of Automation Architect success rates tasks are completed correctly
  • Task Completed On Time – At least 80% of Automation Architect success rate tasks are completed on time
  • Tracking Time – Tracking 100% of full-time hours per month
  • Department Director’s Satisfaction- At least 90% Satisfaction Rate reported by the Department Heads