The Challenge.

The automotive market for new and pre-owned vehicles is fiercely competitive. Also, dealerships are looking to extend reach and pull from neighboring Market Area to boost sales or make up for shortfalls in their respective Market Area.

The Solution

1. Digital Strategy.

Fountain Forward embarked on a focused digital strategy supplemented by traditional marketing methods to help Bayway reach their goals. Next, Search Engine Marketing was given top priority to help push more website visitors to the new site and get them engaged in the Bayway brand.

The Solution

2. Enhanced Social Media Presence.

Social media was used to build brand awareness and familiarize the market area with the new dealership. Also, direct response ads were deployed to bring the highest quality leads through the doors. Then special events, radio remotes, and influencers were established to add further strength to the offline strategy. Fountain Forward put together video collateral for use on several platforms, documenting offline events, walkarounds, short-clips, and pre-roll.

The Solution

3. Analytics & Conversion Tracking.

Finally, the glue that held the strategy together was a robust analytics dashboard. The dashboard was built by Fountain Forward and provided the most relevant and pertinent information to allow the dealership and Fountain Forward to more effectively target prospective buyers.

The Result.