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Katy Nissan.

The Challenge

Getting More Deals & Increase ROI.

In September of 2018 Don and Mark buy a Nissan dealership in Katy, TX. The purchase of the dealership from the previous owners is a very quick process leaving them little time to plan, and yet they wanted to hit the ground running. With little time to get organized they needed car buyers aware of their dealership and in the doors fast.

The Solution

1. Website Rebuild.

Fountain Forward’s first goal was to rebuild the website using a platform that would allow the dealership to improve their ability to track what buyers were looking for and to get people from just looking at the website to walking into the doors in a much shorter time frame.

The Solution

2. Enhanced Social Media Presence.

The next step was to revamp the dealership social media presence across all platforms with two primary goals in mind: increase awareness in the community and drive social media followers to the website.

The Solution

3. Branding That Drives Foot Traffic.

The final piece of the strategy was to optimize all the dealerships media to bring people to the dealership. All forms of media from traditional to digital were all focused into a cohesive brand strategy aimed at making people aware of the dealership and getting feet onto the showroom floor.

The Result.