houston marketing company client success

The Challenge.

Ruffgers is a small family owned doggy daycare and training service with big aspirations to grow its business while exploring options for franchising nationally in the future. But they had struggled with growing a following and developing an engaged audience. They had attempted projects such as an email campaign as part of a retention and referral strategy to help the business. But while it appeared people were opening the emails, the email wasn’t leading the client to any action with Ruffgers.

The Solution

1. Enhanced Social Media Presence .

Using social media Fountain Forward helped Ruffgers extend their brand awareness and grow their follower base. The next step was to develop useful resources on various topics for dog owners to maintain relevance even outside the daycare. Additionally, 360 degree photos were integrated onto the website to exhibit the unique facilities and training.

The Solution

2. Marketing Strategy Beyond the Facility.

Fountain Forward began with significant research into dog owners and what drives dog owners to make decisions in regards to their pets. The strategy centered around showcasing the many benefits of the housing and training facilities offered by Ruffgers. The underlying idea was to showcase the doggy daycare as more than just that place where owners dropped off their pet for a few hours or days, but to establish a more meaningful connection with the daycare’s clientele.

The Solution

3. Consistent and Engaging Email Campaigns.

Fountain Forward analyzed email statistics and evaluated message quality to identify pitfalls, imperfections, and opportunities for improvement. Email layouts and verbiage were redesigned to keep customers engaged with the Ruffgers experience.

The Result.