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The Challenge.

The chiropractic market is a crowded and competitive field to enter, even for new-comers as talented as those at Vanguard. The doctors at Vanguard had a vision of transforming current physical therapy processes through innovative chiropractic treatment and a desire to strive every day to help their patients in the best ways possible.

The Solution

1. Brand Development.

The first step was to help Vanguard Spine and Sport develop a brand that would effectively communicate to consumers exactly who Vanguard is and what they do for their patients.

The Solution

2. Website Development.

The next big step was to create a website that is able to showcase the wide array of options for their patients, help potential patients become comfortable and confident in Vanguard, and to highlight Vanguard’s many success stories.

The Solution

3. Search Engine Optimization.

Fountain Forward initiated both a Search Engine Optimization strategy and a social integration strategy to boost both organic and overall webpage visits. The goal was simply to help consumers in need of treatment to be able to quickly and easily find Vanguard Spine and Sport.

The Result.