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THE SITUATION: Opening a two new restaurants in a new development

The Wholesome Restaurant Group had a vision to start two new restaurants in the Humble/Atascostia suburbs Northeast of Houston. The concept was to bring higher end quality food made with fresher ingredients to an area packed with chain restaurant options. The goal was to make people aware that better food is worth a little higher price and to make the Wholesome restaurants the go to place to go for a night out.

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THE STRATEGY 1 - Develop a presence

The first step was the basic and number one goal of any restaurant; make people aware the restaurant exists. The area has plenty of chain restaurant options, but we needed to make sure the neighborhoods around new there is a better option. Fountain Forward’s strategy was to implement a heavy social media push to make people aware of the restaurants and what they had to offer.

THE STRATEGY 2 - Website Development

The next big step was to create a website that is able to showcase the quality food that Wholesome has to offer. The key was to make the site simple and user friendly so that people could find the information they are looking for, book a reservation with ease, and work well with on demand apps. All of this was followed by a strong Search Engine Optimization strategy.

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THE STRATEGY 3 - Make Money

Anyone familiar with the restaurant industry knows how difficult starting a new restaurant can be for the owners. High initial overhead costs can drive a restaurant to close its doors within the first year if there is low traffic. Fountain Forward created a well rounded strategy to get people in the doors; including lunch specials, happy hour drink highlights, and incentives for returning guests.


Fountain Forward’s social media strategy helped the Wholesome restaurants quickly gain followers. Within 3 months of opening they had 2080 followers on Facebook and 3473 Instagram followers, and most importantly these are local and engaged followers. 

In the first three months the new website had 15,704 visits, 14,745 unique visitors, and 8,515 clicks from organic search. In that same time period the website received 2,935 users from social media traffic. 

But a restaurant can’t survive on social and website traffic alone, in the first three months of business the restaurant brought in a growing flow traffic that increased revenue an average of 108.52% for each month over month time period.

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