Pay - Per - Click

PPC, or Pay per click advertising allows your dealership to get found much more often by customers searching for your vehicles. 

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In today’s digital landscape, controlling your access to potential customers is critical to the success of any dealership.  

The Fountain Forward team will create successful ad campaigns and will consider:

  • The appropriate structure, 
  • The right keywords
  • Solid ad copy 
  • Competitors’ ads analysis 

Results will come tangible! If you are ready to move forward, contact us today!

Fountain Forward, is a digital marketing agency, with +10 years of experience implementing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategies for their clients.

As a result, Fountain Forward has been able to provide their clients a higher place in search results. These digital efforts have helped increase the chances for people searching to click and visit their website. Over time, those clicks can become leads, sales, and revenue.

SEM Services And Benefits :

By choosing Fountain Forward as a partner to put in place your SEM strategies, you’ll get these benefit:

SEM offers strategies to market your business. As a result, your website will upscale to the top results immediately after launch.

These strategies offer very flexible settings for the search engine marketing campaigns. This includes, language, location, audience, and budget, plus customize and personalize the advertisements.

Google Adwords allows managing the marketing budget in the way the client wants.  

With all the tools and resources available, the clients will get measurable results. 

It’s quite difficult to compete with companies who are at the top results in the organic search. SEM strategy is one of the best ways to get discovered by your key sales queries on the first page immediately. 

Google Adwords allows you to improve and relaunch your SEM campaigns on autopilot.

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SEM is one of the most effective ways to grow your business and reach new customers.

At Fountain Forward, we offer our clients strategies that allow us to increase their online presence, enhance their brand awareness and visibility. This, in turn, leads to online leads and generates sales.

Our Client Experience At Fountain Forward

If you want to know more about what it’s like to work with Fountain Forward, who better to hear from than our clients?

Fountain Forward not only provides the creatives but also track people that come in to the store, and being able to look at the budget and without spending more and more we are able to increase sales and profit.”

Josh Wischnewsky
Wischnewsky Dodge Owner

Swope Mitsubishi, was not very active before partnering up with Fountain Forward. Once the strategies were put in place, the dealership very quickly reached 120% increased in their internet leads within the first 45 days and the volume when up 30%. This client is extremely happy with this relationship and how Fountain Forward has addressed all their failure points.

Josh Wischnewsky
General Manager of Swope Mitsubishi

Fountain Forward has a fenomenal way to address dealership problems, analyze their data to determine all failure points and present a strong strategy to reach the business goals. This client, from their own experience and tangible results, strongly recommend others to partnership with our agency.

Don Sankey
Manager, Scaffidi Automotive