Hiley Mazda

Fort Worth, Texas

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Hiley Hyundai and Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth hired Fountain Forward to analyze their dealerships data and make better business decisions with the Analytics Edge; a bolt-on “Moneyball” back office using your data to make you more money.


Starting in October, Fountain Forward located a few key areas that needed improvement at the dealerships.


In the first month working with Hiley, we were able to cut the dealership’s worst performing 3rd party lead providers and then relocate those dollars into social advertising.

In March, Fountain Forward took over SEM ( paid Google advertising ) and Social advertising, while using Analytics Edge to navigate. Keep in mind, Fountain Forward cut their advertising budget $13,560 per month (23%) saving $162,720 per year in marketing expenses and media spend when the switch occurred.


Despite aggressively cutting their budget

Total sales increased by 80%

In two months, cost per car by fell by 60% from $463 down to $156.

Immediately, lead volume at the dealership increased 68% month over month, the majority of which were CORE Leads.

Hiley is leading their competitive area and taking market share thus far in 2021 with 2.79 %

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