Automotive Marketing For Car Dealers In Alief

Dealership owners can no longer rely on billboards and radio commercials alone to capture the attention of potential customers. As car buyers continue to turn to the Internet to source products and services, it’s more important than ever to invest in a internet marketing strategy.

At Fountain Forward, we help Car Dealerships connect with local buyers. Our comprehensive approach to digital marketing increases your exposure to relevant customers.


Your Customers are Searching for Your Dealership Online

Your car dealership must have a Web presence if you want to attract consumers in Alief. The majority of car buyers now use the Internet for research before they make a vehicle-related purchase

You may have several new cars to sell, or you may plan on running a promotion at your dealership. Our team will work with you to implement the best car dealership marketing strategies in the industry.

Running a successful car dealership requires steady foot traffic. Fountain Forward’s Internet Marketing services help you increase the number of car buyers that walk through your doors.

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Bayway CDJR

The Problem:Bayway Auto Group opened a new car dealership near Houston, TX and were looking to grow sales in their primary market area (PMA).

The Solution: Establish A Presence Locally, Develope A Website, Make money and track it.

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Website Design for Car Dealerships In Alief

Building an intuitive website for your car dealership can create a digital storefront for your business. At Fountain Forward, we build extensive websites that allow car dealers to sell vehicles online. Your website will serve as a hub for information about your dealership, and you’ll be able to list cars, advertise offers, provide customer support, and more.

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SEO for Car Dealerships In Alief

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website for leading search engines. SEO for car dealers can help you rank higher for your industry’s most relevant keywords. At Fountain Forward, we employ a range of strategies to make an immediate impact on your page’s ranking. We provide an assessment of your current performance and develop a multi-step approach to improve your website’s results. 

Our team uses a combination of Web design, content, site management, backlinks, and other SEO elements. We will help you improve your current search engine performance.

Social Media Marketing for Car Dealerships In Alief

Social media platforms provide business owners with unique tools for targeting specific market segments. As a car dealerships , it’s critical to access local consumers who are motivated to buy. Our local marketing efforts on social media provide cost-effective strategies for reaching nearby consumers with an interest in purchasing a new vehicle.

If you’d like more information about how we use social media to target motivated car buyers, get in touch with our team.

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PPC Campaigns for Car Dealerships In Alief

In addition to social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows car dealerships to target search engine users with paid advertisements. Leading search engines, such as Google, enable you to bid on keywords and charge your business based on the number of clicks your ads receive. Not only does this increase your online exposure, but it also means you’ll only pay for genuine traffic.  

The PPC industry is exceptionally competitive—we ensure that our clients have the best chance of driving traffic for the most relevant keywords.

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