Marketing for Remodeling Companies

You may be the best remodeling company in your area, but if you aren’t marketing yourself correctly, not many people will know it. Many remodeling companies rely on word of mouth instead of committing to a marketing strategy which can bring in leads from a multitude of sources. 

Yes, Marketing is Important to Your Remodeling Company

While relying of word of mouth may keep your head above water, you will never thrive and be able to grow your business if you don’t have a digital marketing strategy. If your competitors are marketing themselves better then you, you’ll lose any chance you had of getting new customers, no matter how impressive your services are. 

Marketing for remodeling companies is essential. It’s how you put your name out into the world and get customers excited about your services. While you may think that marketing is expensive and time-consuming, we can work with any budget and the results are worth it. 

Website Design for Remodeling Companies

Your website can be considered the face of your business. When people search for you, the first thing they will see is your website and use that can be a big factor in whether to call you. Therefore, you want your website to be as user-friendly and easy to navigate as possible. 

Good website design comes from having a good graphic design perspective. It should be uncomplicated, look fresh and clean, and offer up relevant information where it’s needed. And it should funnel potential leads and turn them into customers. 

You also need to consider the technical side and what pushes people away from your site. People don’t want to wait for pages to load and they don’t want to waste time looking for what they need. So if your website is slow to load or lags when they’re on the page or has a clunky user experience people will leave and give their business to your competitors. 

Website design is a careful combination of art and science, and few remodeling companies get it right. While it’s tempting to copy a successful competitor’s site instead of taking the time and effort to develop your own, be aware that you’ll be copying their mistakes as well as what they did right. Those mistakes can hurt your business in the long run, especially as your website’s design will also affect your place in Google’s search rankings. 

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SEO for Remodeling Companies

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a marketing service that increases your rankings on search engines like Google. When a person is looking for a particular service, they’ll type a keyword into Google or a similar search engine, and often only look at the first page that come up. 

Few people make it past the first page of a search, and even less go to the third page or further. If your website isn’t SEO optimized, it effectively becomes invisible, and nobody will ever see it.

SEO uses many tactics to increase your search engine ranking. These methods must continue to adapt, Google changes its search engine algorithm often to provide customers with the best user experience possible. SEO is something that you need to be doing regularly, or you’ll start to see your site slip down the rankings within a few months after the algorithm changes again.

In addition to increasing your visibility on search engines, SEO provides remodeling companies with additional benefits. Since the search engine algorithm prioritizes high-quality content and industry-leading companies, it is a must to produce quality content that your customers will want to read. High-quality content makes it easier for you to engage with potential leads and turn them into paying customers. 

Social Media Marketing For Remodeling Companies

Social media marketing is an efficient way for you to increase the reputation of your business. It gives you a platform to communicate with potential and existing clients as well as showcase your exceptional work. This communication fosters trust, which is invaluable for service-based companies like remodeling contractors.

If you decide to undertake a social media campaign you need to have an experienced social media team on hand. You want your social media to reach the right people and give the right impression, and to do that you need a solid social media strategy.

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Adwords Marketing For Remodeling Companies

The final aspect of marketing for remodeling companies is pay-per-click advertising or PPC. PPC is a way for you to get your website at the top of Google’s search engine. Since PPC campaigns cost money, you need to make sure that the rest of your marketing strategy is on point to make the most of the clicks and views generated by PPC. 

If you’re serious about marketing your remodeling company, a well-designed PPC campaign is an excellent supplement to the organic views SEO generates. Growing your business means using all facets of digital marketing. One kind isn’t enough, and they all build each other up—the same way they’ll build your business.

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