The Power of Branding

Your brand is the heart and soul behind your corporate image. It’s what consumers can relate to and what turns them into loyal customers.

Beyond the initial awareness of your company, branding results may also create a tribe or an active community of like-minded people. These people become loyal customers and ambassadors of your products or services. 

Branding is also about storytelling that resonates with customers. It’s not just about connecting with your audience once—it’s about maintaining that connection for the long term. The best way to keep the relationship is through consistent messaging. 

According to Forbes, consistency in brand presentation across all platforms online and off increases revenue by up to 23 percent. That number shows the level of ROI with branding that’s possible for your company.

Let’s look at how you can get results with branding for your business:

Branding Increases Awareness

Picture a white t-shirt. Now picture the same t-shirt with a well-known designer’s logo on it. The perceived value of that shirt skyrockets as a result. It just goes to show how a logo can be a powerful asset for a brand, even if it’s only part of the overall brand strategy.

Branding strategies increase awareness of your product or service. The logo is a design element that provides a visual trigger for consumers. Many successful brands have logos that, on their own, can evoke an emotional response among customers.

There are other elements aside from a recognizable logo that can help you strengthen your brand’s position in the marketplace, including:

  • A brand story that helps customers relate to the mission and purpose of your company
  • Clear and consistent messaging that expands brand awareness and strengthens your position in the market.
  • A dedication to customer service that shows every time a brand communicates with its audience to convey appreciation for its valued customers.

Branding Creates a Tribe

The Harvard Business Review reports that 64% of consumers indicate that shared values are the primary reason they have a loyal relationship with a brand. This loyalty is evident in the staggering numbers of followers actively engaged with the social media channels of popular brands.

There’s strength in numbers, not only for your profits but for your customers. People want to enjoy and benefit from their purchases. However, they also want to feel validated in their choices as consumers. When people know they share a favorite brand with thousands or even millions of other like-minded people, they feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves.

This type of brand-based community is known as a tribe in the marketing world. Establish a solid brand strategy, and you may find that your company has its own tribe whose members act as ambassadors for your brand.

While tribes can benefit a brand, they can also backfire if a brand is not careful with its messaging. If you offend even a small part of your tribe, you can expect swift backlash, which may result in a loss of business and a blemish on your brand’s record. Take care of your tribe by providing outstanding customer service and fix mistakes when they happen.

Branding Tells a Story

A brand is more than just a catchy tagline. It’s about telling a compelling story that appeals to the emotions of consumers. When a brand conveys its message and values to the public, it’s also sharing a narrative relevant to its target customers. 

Storytelling is a way your brand can appeal to the emotions of your target audience. For example, a company that sells exercise equipment might produce commercials that feature different success stories of people getting fit and living healthier lives. 

Storytelling is also why before-and-after transformations are so powerful in advertising. They share the journeys, hardships, and ultimate success stories that come about when people just like those in your audience use your product or service. When potential customers relate to the stories and see the positive results that they, too, can achieve by purchasing your product, they form an emotional connection.

Customers who connect emotionally to a brand become loyal customers who will recommend your brand to others. When you see how you can achieve a higher ROI with branding, it’s hard not to make it your top focus. Your company’s best results happen with powerful branding.