Everyone talks about keywords, meta descriptions, schema markup, blah, blah, blah. Sure, those are really important, but we blow SEO basics out of the water.

Your brand is so much bigger than just your logo. Bottom line, your brand is how people feel about you. Gut level. So yeah, it’s pretty important.

There’s no better way to tell your story and build connections with people – while humanizing your brand and amplifying the rest of your marketing efforts.

We take a comprehensive look at your website and online presence and find your strengths and weaknesses to decide what can be done in order to customize your program for success.
Optimize Google My Business and Yelp with correct categories, pictures with optimized file URL's, and respond to reviews.
Online and Offline Conversion Tracking Package For Forms Submits, Phone Calls, and Email Sign Ups
Listed On Top General Business Websites 150 300
Every city has websites dedicated to local listings that are talking about and promoting local businesses. Being found on those websites is critical to showing customers and google that you're the best option.
20 40
During our audit we'll find the most important websites linking out to your competitors and get them to link out to you also. The best way to beat the competition is to offer everything they do, but just a little more.
20 40
Title and meta CTR optimization, internal link silos, external linking, compressed multimedia, OG data, co-occuring match words, and alt tags and image file urls, basic schema markup.
5 10
Getting websites to link out to you is a way to tell google what your website is about. We get important websites to tell google you're the best at what you do in your area.
6 12
Detailed Reporting + Goal Setting ( Every 3 Months)
Create Content and Design For 2 Pages For 2 Additional Keywords.
Best For Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, and Companies looking to get started with Online Marketing and finally be able to track the value of their website. Professional Services, Small Business, Health Clinics, and B2B Companies that already understand how important online visibility is to their business. But maybe they're in a less competitive industry or just not ready to go Full Throttle with their Online Marketing. Car Dealerships, Law Firms, Home Services, Competitive B2C Companies that know the only way to grow their business consistently is to dominate Google Search. Showing up in the top 5 spots for every major term your customer would think to type in when looking for the services you offer.
Creative Discovery Interview
An interview conducted to learn the story of your brand. We start with the brand's history, current mission, and future vision, with the goal of discovering what that means and how it will be represented visually to your consumers.
SWOT Analysis
An analysis of the Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats within your brand.
Logo Design
The cornerstone and face of your company’s visual identity. After completing the research and establishing a direction with you, we will design and refine ideas until we have the best logo concepts to present. Your design includes a final bundle of files suitable for every application, from print to web to promotional items and more, and unrestricted usage rights.
Business Card Design
A custom designed business card with your logo, colors, and pertinent information.
File Usage Guide
A cheat sheet that explains the differences between the logo file formats you’ll receive: vector vs. raster files, differences between file types (EPS, JPG, PNG, PDF), and the meaning of different color systems (CMYK, RGB, and Pantone). The guide will help you pick the right logo file whenever you need to use one.
Collateral Package
Business Card, letterhead, envelopes, and custom promotional pieces as needed. Generally includes Business Card, letterhead, and one more piece of collateral. Pricing can be given for additional items as needed.
Basic Brand Guidelines
A PDF document that ensures consistency in future communications. Elements include logo usage rules, primary color palette, secondary color palette, and typography recommendations.
Expanded Brand Guidelines
An expanded brand guidelines may be quoted separately. An expanded guide may include brand messaging, photo or illustration guidelines, custom patterns, textures, or other elements unique to the brand. In addition to custom graphic elements, an expanded guide includes a breakdown of the target market, competitors, appropriate logo usage on all assets and media as well as the online/social presence of a brand.
Social Media Basics
Includes basic style sheet, profile image and banner/cover photos for up to 3 different platforms.
Social Media Kit
Your social presence must resonate with your audience, feed them with the content they desire and be congruent and optimized for all platforms. Includes basic social strategy and brand with profile image and banners for up to 3 different platforms. As well as 3 branded templates for use on 3 different platforms.
Simple posting across three platforms with two posts per week using generic or client provided content. A simple presence with simple reporting (the basic stats).
Posting and moderating across three platforms three to five posts per week. Around 75% of the content will be generic or client provided content, with 25% of the content being unique content created by Fountain Forward. Package includes commenting and responding on all posts. A moderate presence, simple engagement, and key reporting (Stats + basic insights).
Posting, moderating, and cultivating across all relevant social platforms. package includes influencer outreach, daily posts, comment moderation, customer management, unique custom content specific to the client. A heavy social media presence, high level of engagement, high level reporting (highest level of stats, insights, and reporting). Pricing per channel.
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