Fountain Forward Hats for Mental Health


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All proceeds go to Same Here Global -
We're All A Little "Crazy" 501(c)(3)

The minimum is $40 per hat. All donations are
appreciated and accepted.


5 in 5 people experience challenges, stress, and trauma in their lives. Our mission at #SameHere is to normalize society’s perception of Mental Health and make it a part of everyday conversation. The way that we normalize the conversation is by us ALL sharing that we ALL face challenges at varying levels.


The American Sign Language for Same Here represents our mission. We chose the design for this hat not only for the mission of #SameHere, but also in remembrance of the trauma and triumph we experienced through the loss of our colleague and close friend, Cameron Ross.


The loss of my friend and business partner pushed me to no longer yearn for moving forward. Personally, I saw no point in moving forward. I always dreamed of being in business with a friend and now the very friend that helped me with my mental health lost his own battle. I wrote some of the details back in 2018 in which can be found here for those interested in reading more about Cameron.


Moving forward is not as simple as the word itself, which is represented by the missing letters on the hat. Following Cameron’s passing, Eric Kussin (founder of Same Here) asked me to help start the #SameHereCEO alliance, one of the most fruitful journies of my life and it’s just getting started. Special shout out to Jenny Siers for the amazing design, Cameron would be so proud.


Every time you wear this hat, share a story, or make the sign for #SameHere, you champion the message. You normalize the perception of Mental Health. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting #SameHere in remembrance of Cameron Ross. #SameHere

– Stephen Jurgella

If you just want to donate, Venmo @StephenJurgella

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