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Maybe search engine optimization really is rocket science. Everyone talks about keywords, meta descriptions, schema markup, blah, blah, blah. Sure, those are really important, but we blow SEO basics out of the water.

Online-Marketing Search
Online-Marketing Search

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You need your website to be found when people search for your services or products, and that is Forward Search is for you. We help businesses just like you who understand having your website show up on the first page of Google is the key to being successful in 2020.

Best Houston SEO Company

We are the premier Houston SEO company providing a variety of services to our clients. Our services are directed towards ensuring your website or online business will rank highly. It goes without saying that an online business that ranks highly on a search engine for the targeted keywords will perform better than a business that doesn’t. 

As the best SEO company in Houston, we ensure that your website will rank highly for the targeted keywords to bring in more organic traffic. We carefully choose the best keywords for your SEO to get your website ranking highly and placed in front of the right audience. 

Our SEO is custom made for your business to ensure that it targets people that can easily convert when they are reached. We target your SEO plan to match the service area of your business and the demographics of your clientele to ensure you are getting the best potential customers to your website.

We have the best local SEO strategies to help you rank highly either for a whole city, a specific part of town, all of the United States, or even the entire world for businesses that need a global reach.


Houston SEO Highlight
Home Remedy

The Problem: Home Remedy is a medium sized residential remodel contractor that was needing growth and a new source of customers.

The Solution: Website Rebuild, Enhanced Social Media Presence,  and Cohesive branding message across all forms of marketing.

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Increase In Leads
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Organic Traffic
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Social Media Reach

At Fountain Forward we pride ourselves in being the best Houston SEO company. We have many customers in our portfolio that have seen dramatic results for their businesses. We know the SEO business and understand all the ranking features that Google and other search engines look at when ranking websites. 

We then use our in-depth knowledge to do both on-page SEO and off page SEO. SEO is dynamic and the updates that are constantly coming out can affect rankings significantly. At Fountain Forward we keep abreast with the latest SEO trends to ensure that we keep your business ahead of the competition. 

While other SEO and marketing agencies fear the updates, we use them to leverage your site and rank higher before they start catching on. We have a team of SEO experts who have multiple SEO skills and who are certified to offer search engine optimization services. 

We care about your business and therefore aim at building lasting relationships with you to constantly help your online business perform to the very best. SEO is a long term project and we treat it as such. We are careful not to use short-minded tactics that will not last very long but are concerned with the future of your business.

SEO can be really important and helpful for your business, but only when it is done right. Being the best Houston SEO company comes from the fact that we are result oriented.  We strive to understand your business and what it is all about. We then try to understand what your business goals are.  

After understanding your business and the goals you have in mind we then leverage the data we collect to continuously make improvements. We ruthlessly analyze the data we collect to make sense of what it means for your business. And we implement that knowledge into strong SEO campaigns that get the results that you need.

When you need SEO services think Fountain Forward and we will always deliver. 

Variety of Services 

We offer a variety of SEO services all aimed at making your online business perform better. Some of our services include; Video SEO, local SEO, pay per click advertising, optimized content creation, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, website structure, website design, e-commerce optimization, Amazon SEO, WordPress websites, Shopify, and so much more. You can therefore be sure to find the services that you need with us which ensures consistency.

We are Dynamic 

The rules of SEO change each and every day. Our team of experts is always on the lookout for new strategies that will work with the updates that come. For instance, right now video SEO is a key factor that drives quality ranking. It has been predicted that by the year 2020 almost 50% of the content online will be videos.  Our team of experts can help your business with video SEO that will reach the potential customers that you are looking to reach.


Our team is made up of highly knowledgeable and heavily experienced SEO experts. We have seen many Google algorithms come and go, and so we know how to stay on top of the trends and ahead of the game.

Commited To Your Goals

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