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What Is Inbound Marketing?

  What Is Inbound Marketing? And Why Should I Care?  The odds are it has happened to you. In fact, we would bet it has happened within the last week, if not the last 24 hours. You clicked on a social media post, and then, because you were interested,...

Is Your Google My Business Optimized?

What Is Google My Business? Google My Business is an online directory of businesses that helps customers find and compare offerings. The system, which was formerly known as Google Places and Google Local, displays a company’s profile with basic information. It lists everything about the business, including location, hours...

How to Retarget Website Visitors + Adwords Setup Guide

What Is Retargeting And How Does It Work? Let’s say you visit a website and check out the myriad of sweaters in the online catalog. You decide not to buy that day and begin shopping elsewhere, clicking through to another website. You might notice advertisements for those original sweaters...

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