Does Content Marketing Really Work for Small Businesses?

Automotive / By Kiefer

The short answer is yes—content marketing does work for small businesses. Year after year, the companies that invest in original content marketing come out ahead in every meaningful marketing metric. According to Aberdeen, content marketing leaders generate 7.8 times more traffic than followers, for example.  

The Future Of Content Marketing

Innovation and trendsetting pay dividends in this realm, too. Businesses that create engaging and compelling blogs, social media, and videos are more likely to have high-quality searchable material. Search engine algorithms reward these competitive websites with higher page rankings and more visitors, too. 

Taking the time to invest in personalized or distinctive content is more likely to attract potential customers. It also makes sense that 61 percent of consumers say that custom content influences their purchasing decisions.  

Is Content Marketing Just A Fad?

The emphasis on content marketing to grow a business applies to the present and future. The Internet is continually developing and expanding, and high-quality content is critical to stand out from the competition. Over 78 percent of marketers believe innovative custom content will give them a significant advantage.  

What Can Content Marketing Do For You?

Content marketing attracts more visitors and can help boost revenue. Digital and social media is essentially a cheat code for audience engagement and attraction. Creating content that taps into people’s passions will go a long way toward cultivating their loyalty with a brand and increase the likelihood of a future purchase.

Perhaps the most important statistical metrics of all are the ones about lead conversions. According to Aberdeen, content marketing improves conversion rates by six times over traditional marketing methods. Whether a company measures its conversions in the form of subscriptions, purchases, or another metric, there is no arguing that a six-fold improvement is well worth the investment.