How Home Remedy Increased Revenue by $1.5 Million Dollars without spending more money.

Imagine you have a home service company that has a lead generation issue. Your business is too reliant on those 3rd party lead providers like Angie’s List, Nextdoor, Best Pick, the list goes on. When they decide to raise their rates, you’re at their mercy! 

You know that you can generate more business without 3rd party sources but you aren’t sure how. Only a fraction of your leads are coming in organically/under your control which is not good for financial security or long term stability.

Then, you find Fountain Forward, a true partner in business and there to help you grow so that YOU control your growth. Suddenly, your company has gone from 5% of leads being self generated to 35% and now 52% in 2021. This allowed Home Remedy to increase their total revenue by 52%, or $1.5 million dollars.  That’s exactly what happened for Home Remedy of Houston after partnering with Fountain Forward. Not to mention this was all without spending more money. 

In 2015, Home Remedy was too dependent on 3rd party lead providers. Less than 1 in 20 leads came in organically (about 5%).  74% of all of their leads came from Angie’s List. They were basically at the mercy of the success of this single third party lead vendor.

The problem wasn’t with the product: Home Remedy delivers outstanding work to clients every day! In order for them to grow, however, they needed more customers coming through the doors – which means Home Remedy needed more advertising dollars that are typically only available when a company is generating steady revenue streams from new customer acquisitions via incoming traffic sources like search engine optimization or social media marketing. 

CORE leads, or inbound leads that are converted on a businesses website, NOT a 3rd party lead source, qualify at a higher rate, close at a higher rate, and profit at a higher rate.

Despite the positive feedback on the quality of their work, repeat and referral customers did not create enough opportunity for Home Remedy.

The Fountain Forward Process applied at Home Remedy:

  1. Discovery audit for Lead-to-Sales DNA
  2. Identify future objectives for Home Remedy
  3. Develop Marketing & Sales strategy to reach objective
  4. Implement tactics to feed aforementioned strategy
  5. Implement tracking system to maximize results and minimize wasted time and money

Since starting with Fountain Forward in 2014, Home Remedy is now in a completely different situation. Now, Home Remedy has more CORE leads than they do from 3rd party sites. Now, 1 in every 3 leads come organically helping Home Remedy grow revenue by 52% in 2 years after partnering with Fountain Forward.