How Custom Closet’s of Houston New Messaging Helped Grow Revenue by 111% in 4 months

From this messaging framework, we were able to better target prospects, raise conversions, and quickly expand the business… literally had to stop ads in order to hire more people to sustain all the work..”

Imagine growing 111% in revenue in a few months with ONE little change. 

Would you believe that changing your messaging could boost sales AND revenue immediately? And NO, it’s not expensive. 

That is exactly what happened to Custom Closets in Houston, Texas.

Custom Closets hired Fountain Forward to craft a clearer message that not only resonated with their customers but effectively communicated what they did and the problem it solved for them.

Like many small businesses Custom Closets had a great product, and truly cared for their customers by providing top service, however, they weren’t connecting with the real problem their customers had, disorganization, loss of time, frustration…they were just selling their product. They were focused on THEMSELVES in their messaging and making them look like the hero, instead of making their customer the hero and then guiding them to that success.

Here is how we did it!

First, we put Custom Closets through our messaging workshop. We dug into not only what they do, how they do it, and what makes them distinctive but MOST IMPORTANTLY what makes their customer tick. What problem does their customer have (internal, external, philosophical) and how do they feel before using Custom Closets, then how does their life change for the better after.

So how do we convey success and make a clear, compelling message? Easy – through stories. People relate and remember stories, so by pulling out the needs of their customer, and connecting with their emotions we crafted a simple story and message that cut through the clutter. We helped them take their customer on the journey from lost, disorganized, and uncertain, to a productive, peaceful, serene homeowner. 

We provided Custom Closets with a framework and foundation for all their messaging to stem from. We organized their disorganization, and gave them the peace and serenity they needed, just like their customers. From a core message, to a tagline, word bank, and specific call to actions their message is clear, consistent, and connecting with their customers. From this messaging framework, we were able to better target prospects, raise conversions, and quickly expand the business to where we had to slow down our ad budget growth. 

By simply changing the focus of their message from them and their product to their customers’ needs and ultimate success Custom Closets boosted sales and revenue immediately from $11,618 in January 2021 to $50,361 in February and is currently at $60,363 for April. We literally had to stop ads because they needed to hire more people to sustain all the work they were receiving. NOT a bad problem to have.

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