Superior Subaru grossed additional 

$512,953 in profit

compared to 2019 while their advertising budget decreased by 17.54%

This Subaru Dealer is located in the Houston Metro area. The dealership struggled to convert additional leads coming from a revamped marketing budget because of an outdated sales process.

Steps We Took:

Fountain Forward conducted a secret shopper analysis of the dealership and it’s competitors and realized their current sales process was an issue. 

 Decreased average monthly budget from $83k to $68.5k

Fountain Forward helped Superior Subaru eliminate costly vendors and cut their advertising budget by 17.54%


Additional $512,953 in PROFIT in 90 days while decreasing Ad-Budget by 17.54%

Optimized Superior Subaru’s sales process once the dealership enrolled in the Fountain Forward Automotive Edge

Superior Subaru saw an Immediate Increase in Profit After Starting the Fountain Forward Automotive Edge.


Can your dealership make an extra $1 Million in 12 months?

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