Top 5 Tips For Automotive Marketing

One of the largest industries in the entire globe is the automotive industry, so knowing exactly how to penetrate their sales and advertising space is crucial for any budding marketer. Shifting environmental considerations, changing consumer priorities, fluctuating needs and markets, and other equally integral transformations have drastically contributed to shaping how the car and transportation world is today. 

All this said, the urgent progression of marketing campaigns and collaterals to the internet arena continues to create a new set of opportunities and challenges for both entrepreneurs and marketing gurus alike. And while studies still say that more than 90% of car purchases are sealed at dealerships, Google and Facebook are most likely the first go-to sources for prospective buyers. Furthermore, there’s very little room for debate when we say that online advertising helps rake in most of the dollars in terms of brand awareness and virality. 

Here are the top 5 tips you should take note of in automotive marketing 

Never undervalue the power of email marketing 

The most intimate form of customer communication—of course, aside from calling and text messaging—is arguably emailing potential clients. Back in the day, automative marketers and local auto dealers would kill for prime newspaper spots. But those days don’t exist anymore, and you’re less likely to find your paying Joe through print advertising. And while we shouldn’t underestimate the reach of traditional ads, know that digital marketing has enabled a ton of tools and features that make it easier to target certain demographics.

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Now you may be wondering: if we’re transitioning to the digital world so much, how much power and proven effectivity does email marketing actually produce? The kids are on Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram, so why bother sliding to their Gmail and Yahoo accounts? Although other digital avenues are just as handy, the truth of the matter is that the majority of car sales still come from the boomers. Yes, Gen Z-ers and millennials are catching up, but the figures dictate that the older folks still reign supreme when it comes to buying power.  

And you can already bet these people, in particular, read their emails more than their kids, students, and lessors. Sure, up your copywriting skills for Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Facebook. But at the end of the day, you’re still going to want to strengthen your emailing techniques because that’s where the paying adults are.  

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords 

Keywords are everything when it comes to online advertising. Remember that prospective buyers go directly to search engines to look up whatever set of wheels it is they’re eyeing. As a result, you’ll want to be as relevant as possible as consistently as possible. Your steady stream of sales could be highly reliant on search words and key phrases. 

So when the competitor comes up with online campaigns, make sure you’re able to set up an automotive marketing strategy that shares the same keywords. a classic example of this is when you look for something on Google but find the competition instead. Although this may seem like ordinary news to the regular consumer, this should serve as a big deal to anyone marketing products and services. 

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Automotive marketing is competitive and fierce, in that cars are rarely cheap. We’re talking about five to six-digit figures all the time. Because of that, you’re going to want to make sure every single relevant keyword is associated with your car brand. Learn to come up with catchy and respectful ads that target your competition. A user can Google Honda cars, but if you work for, Chevrolet, for example, you’re going to need to come up with materials that are clever and engaging to potentially “steal” the other brand’s prospects. Welcome to marketing. 

Target the right demographics 

What plenty of marketers don’t always get right—automative or not—is knowing how to target the right demographics. You see, the products and services you sell may apply to a variety of customers from different walks of life. But unless you speak their specific language, you’re not getting any of their bills. The way you sell fries to a 14-year old may not necessarily be the same way you should with a 40-year-old. Many times, you’re going to have to create separate campaigns for different target markets even if the product you’re selling is the same. 

That being put into consideration, always know who you’re selling to. Know a potential customer’s whys, hows, budgets, and other concerns. Only then will you be able to speak to them. Content is king, but it is in-depth analyses that keep him in power. 

Lucky for you, there are many online tools anyone can utilize to reach certain markets. The choice is yours. 

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Don’t stop remarketing. It is an elemental strategy in the automotive sector. Since shopping comparisons are high when it comes to cars, it’s important not to lose your leads. A person can fall in love with your product for a minute to an hour, only to be swayed by another product with just one ad. Reminding them of why your product is better and how it supports their lifestyle is vital in getting them to purchase from you or your client. 

Work on your funnel and make sure no one gets out. Every time you re-target, you close more deals and decrease the percentage of your abandonment rate. 

Shape your budgets based off of trends 

When is it best to snag a new set of wheels? During Memorial Day Weekend or on Black Friday? There are lots of unofficial holidays that work well for car-buyers. According to research, vehicles can be purchased between 7% to 8% below MSRP if you know when to make the purchase. Assuming your demographic has done their part in researching these kinds of trends, it’s your turn to deliver. Because you know prospects let loose on very particular days of the year, adjust your marketing budget off of trends

Knowing where there are a surge and influx of car purchases and searches work well for anyone in the business. Plan ahead, do the math and create campaigns that stick. Automative marketing is never an overnight activity. 

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Establish good customer reviews 

You can be close to sure that no one ever buys a car without looking for existing customer reviews and Youtube videos. The thing with customer reviews is that they’re all the same for every industry—travel and leisure, technology, furniture, ready-to-wear clothing. Whatever business sector you’re a part of, you’re going to want customers to say nice things about you, your client, and your brand. Because at the end of the day, word-of-mouth and first-person reviews have the final say. Your most well-thought-of digital campaign that took one expansive storyboard to make will prove futile if people don’t talk nicely about what you have to offer.

That being the case, value feedback and build strong and genuine rapport, not just with customers, but also with prospects who engage with you. A god word seldom lets anyone down. 

After all that’s been said and done, the automotive space has special sets of hurdles other industries don’t exactly face all the time. Despite that, many basic marketing principles still apply and you’re going to need the right minds and the best people to make it big. Look no further. We’re here to help. 

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