Winnie Dodge became the

#1 CDJR dealer in the area

Taking market share from their competitors by
moving away from costly traditional TV spend into
a more digitally focused Facebook campaign.

Winnie Dodge is a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram dealership that is located just outside of the Houston Metro area. Winnie has dominated it’s area for years due to a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Steps We Took:

Recommended the dealership cut a costly traditional TV campaign that was not yielding results.

Used the dollars saved from TV to start direct response ads and dynamic social ads.

Optimized Winnie’s budget for better ad attribution and higher lead volume for a lower cost.


Leads increased by 36% Year Over Year

Total sales increased by 14% Year Over Year

 Total Profit increased by 21% Year Over Year

Winnie Replaced TV with Paid Facebook Ads and Became the Top CDJR dealership in their Tradezone.


Can your dealership make an extra $1 Million in 12 months?

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