Wischnewsky Dodge

Hunstville, TX

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After Fountain Forward helped GM and Owner, Josh Wischnewsky, with his first dealership, Winnie Dodge became the #1 CDJR in his PMA. Josh hired Fountain Forward immediately to launch his next dealership, Wischnewsky Dodge for consulting, advertising, and branding.


Prior to becoming Wischnewsky Dodge, the dealership was formerly known as Team Dodge, located in Huntsville, TX. Team Dodge’s sales grew stagnant with a complacent owner. Fountain Forward helped Wischnewsky Dodge launch an aggressive digital marketing campaign and immediately increased sales.


Instead of putting Wischnewsky’s advertising dollars in saturated and competitive channels, we went “all in” on a comprehensive digital marketing strategy – specifically Facebook – and bet on digital being the best catalyst for growth.

This new strategy brought thousands of more in-market consumers to the website, which caused an increase in internet leads that resulted in more sales. 


A record month of total sales and gross profit at the dealership.

Total sales increased by 140% – 81 units

Total Gross increased by 199% – $213,804

Internet leads increased by 70% – 172 leads

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