Buying Used Cars Off The Street Is Easier Than You Think!

Dealerships across the country have never had this much difficulty maintaining inventory levels than they are right now.

Based on the conversations I’ve had with 75 different dealerships in the past year alone, I can imagine that your dealership is probably dealing with extremely low inventory too.

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy an extra 5-20 cars per month for an average of 54% less than what you can buy from the auction while making more gross than auction cars?
AND have the local community deliver these opportunities to your front steps to have the exclusive opportunity to buy them before your competition can?


Ross Dionisi, General Manager at Hiley Subaru and Hiley GMC of Fort Worth has been running the Stock Your Lot campaign at his stores for the second half of 2021 and is thrilled about the results.

“This is one of the most successful campaigns I’ve EVER run to buy cars.”

– Ross Dionisi

Consistent opportunities to buy vehicles

Dealerships that are running the Stock Your Lot program are acquiring reasonably priced inventory at a fraction of the cost they would from auctions.

  • Macdonald Motors cost per acquisition: $102.87.
  • Hiley Mazda of Fort Worth cost per acquisition: $234.77.

Ross Dionisi at Hiley GMC has had roughly 1-2 appointments to look at a vehicle each day since turning on the program.

Increase in sales

While the Stock Your Lot campaign’s primary goal is acquiring inventory, the campaign is also generating purchase intent and driving additional sales at our dealerships.

  • Winnie Dodge sold over 10 vehicles attributed to the Stock Your Lot campaign in the first month running Stock Your Lot.

With new inventory levels predicted to stay at critically low levels throughout 2022, dealership’s need to find a new way to maintain inventory levels. And they can’t wait. 

Your dealership can start buying cars off the street within 24 hours with Fountain Forward’Stock Your Lot.

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