Who We Are

Fountain Forward is a team of Automotive Marketing experts based in Houston, Texas

Fountain Forward has the experience and expertise to help your dealership succeed. We know the automotive market inside and out, and we have innovative strategies to help you stand out from the competition.

When it comes to maximizing cars sold at your dealership, Fountain Forward is second to none. We’re passionate about helping dealerships reach their goals, and we’ll go above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied with our services.

Meet our team of experts

100 Stephen Jurgella
Stephen Jurgella
Chief Executive Officer
92 Sebastian Roncancio
Sebastian Roncancio
Analytics Director
91 Jherson Mejia
Jherson Mejia
Automation Architect
89 Samuel Hurtado
Samuel Hurtado
Analytics Specialist
89 Henry Avila
Henry Avila
Analytics Specialist
89 David Parra
David Parra
Analytics Specialist
0 JC Pacion
JC Pacion
Client Project Manager
0 Kazia Betancourt
Kazia Betancourt
Executive Assistant
0 Reiko Consolacion
Reiko Consolacion
Client Project Manager
0 Paola Zapata
Paola Zapata
Executive Assistant
0 Agustina Gil
Agustina Gil
Executive Assistant
99 Chris Gatterson
Chris Gatterson
Chief Operating Officer
98 Phil Trzebiatowski
Phil Trzebiatowski
Strategy Director
90 Angie De La Rosa
Angie De La Rosa
Analytics Specialist
95 Blake Mosley
Blake Mosley
Client Success Manager
95 Derek Dahlke
Derek Dahlke
Client Success Manager
95 Tiffany Pearl Salas
Tiffany Pearl Salas
Client Success Manager
95 Kristen Hogentogler
Kristen Hogentogler
Client Success Manager
94 Roberto Vargas
Roberto Vargas
CSM Manager
94 Maribel Alcantara
Maribel Alcantara
Creative Director
83 Daryl Velarde
Daryl Velarde
Graphics and Video Editor
83 Neil Reyes
Neil Reyes
Web Developer
88 Juan Sánchez
Juan Sánchez
Analytics Specialist
88 Ujagar Thapaliya
Ujagar Thapaliya
Search Specialist
88 Tatiana Camacho
Tatiana Camacho
Search Specialist
88 Carlos Silva
Carlos Silva
Search Specialist
88 Rubio González
Rubio González
Search Specialist
86 Sophia Velasquez
Sophia Velasquez
Internal Project Manager
96 Ria Ungson
Ria Ungson
Operations Director
89 Marrke Abaygar
Marrke Abaygar
Search Director
87 Aira Ungson
Aira Ungson
Client Project Manager

Defining Our Direction

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