Maximize car sales by empowering your sales teams with essential knowledge, tools, and strategies.

Fountain Forward University is designed to educate sales teams and empower them with the tools and strategies they need to convert inbound opportunities into sales.

It starts with a simple 4 STEP PROCESS



Fountain Forward is putting an end to the disconnect.

Fountain Forward’s Automotive Accelerator drives the customers right to the dealership’s digital “front door” through what we call CORE leads.

Partnering with Alan Ram, Fountain Forward University will help your dealership convert those customers into the showroom.



The sales staff is disconnected with the ads that are driving the opportunities they are handling.

Salespeople end up losing control of the conversation and handling leads inefficiently.

They need help converting leads INTO showroom visits. That’s why we’ve partnered with Alan Ram Proactive Training Solutions.

Monitoring and holding the sales team accountable is time-consuming and difficult.
  • Is your team using the proper follow-up frequency? Are they using the correct language?
  • Are they using the correct language?
  • Are they setting and confirming enough appointments? 

Fountain Forward University Deliverables

Your sales team will get amazing benefits

  • Increased Appointment Set, Confirmed, & Show Rates

  • Monthly Secret Shops

  • Bi-Monthly Trainings

Maximize your dealership's opportunities

Equip your sales teams with the knowledge and strategies they need to succeed.