How Bishop Chevrolet 4x’d Website Leads and Increased Sales by 31.58%


In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, the automotive industry is no exception when it comes to the need for an effective online presence. 

David Bishop owns 3 dealerships in the Michigan area.

Bishop Chevrolet, one of his stores is located in the town of Rogers City, Michigan. David felt like that store in particular had been lagging behind his other stores. He felt like the store was capable of much more, but he wasn’t exactly sure how turn that a reality. 

So how did he nearly DOUBLE that store’s market share in 60 days? 

David reached out to Fountain Forward and after evaluating his store’s performance and the surrounding area, we confirmed his concern. 

There was untapped potential in the store’s digital marketing efforts. 

Within just two months, Bishop Chevrolet…

  1. Increased website lead volume by 400%+
  2. Increased sales by 31.58%
  3. Hit their new sales objective in back to back months, nearly doubling the amount of the store’s market share in the area

Here's How We Did It

David Bishop understands the importance of a good operation and a solid staff. Staying ahead of the curve on the “digital side” isn’t what David is best at, so the dealership ended up “lagging” behind. 

Fountain Forward and Bishop Chevrolet joined forces in March 2023, aiming to transform the dealership’s approach to analytics and marketing.

In March, David fully embraced a digital heavy marketing strategy when he implemented the Automotive Accelerator. 

Fountain Forward helped Bishop Chevrolet, a great dealership and operation, catch up with the curve. 

Armed with this knowledge, the dealership replaced a budget that was heavy with TV, Radio, Direct Mail and third party lead providers with the Automotive Accelerator. 

Shortly after, website leads started to increase. What happened then?

Bishop Chevrolet closed them 32.1% better than our average dealership…  

Under the guidance of Warren Chamberlain, the Sales Manager, and Lisa Schellie, the BDC specialist, the Bishop Chevy team locked in on the lead nurturing process as quality leads started flowing into the dealership.

For the dealership, it’s been so much more than just catching up with the curve.. 

After a few weeks partnering with Bishop Chevrolet, Lisa was at one of their Business Round Table Discussions. Knowing Lisa works with Bishop, a number of people who attended the round table mentioned the emergence of the Bishop Chevrolet brand. 

The partnership has CHANGED the perception of the dealership within their community.


  1. Increased sales by 31.58%
  2. Increased market share by 95.42%
  3. Increased website lead volume by 423.08%
  4. Increased appointment volume 285.71%
  5. Hit their new sales objective in back to back months, nearly doubling the amount of the store’s market share in the area

The results achieved by Bishop Chevrolet within their first two months with Fountain Forward were nothing short of impressive.


With Fountain Forward’s expertise and the determined leadership of David Bishop, Bishop Chevrolet achieved exceptional growth within just two months. 

By embracing an offensive approach and leveraging the power of digital marketing, the dealership not hit their sales objectives and are making waves in their community. 

The results speak for themselves: a significant increase in market share, a substantial rise in leads and appointments, and a noticeable increase in sales. 

Bishop Chevrolet’s success story serves as a testament to the power of embracing digital transformation in the automotive industry, and serves as an inspiration for other dealerships looking to thrive in the digital age.