How Winnie Dodge Used Facebook To Increase Used Inventory by 30% in One Month

Could you imagine your dealership was able to start a campaign to buy more used vehicles using social media that increased your inventory levels AND created $70,598.14 in total economic benefit for your dealership?

All done while spending LESS THAN $1,000. $996.61 to be exact. 

 Yes, you read that right. Those numbers are real.

Current Situation: 

There are a fraction of cars on your dealership’s lot and the lack of incoming new inventory units isn’t helping the situation. Your dealership is constrained by new inventory and it’s becoming a struggle to keep selling cars and making money. This market we are in is no joke.

Just focus on used cars! It’s not that easy…  

Used vehicle prices are at record highs and it’s making buying vehicles extremely difficult on dealers to maintain their used inventory levels. 

What if you could take advantage of the higher vehicle prices and “Stock Your Lot” with used vehicles while bumping your sales volume at the same time? 

That is exactly what happened to Winnie Dodge after asking Fountain Forward to help the dealership acquire more used vehicles. 

Background: Winnie Dodge is a dealer located 60 miles outside of the Houston Metro selling 110 vehicles per month, give or take depending on the month.

Here’s what happened:

New inventory levels dropped significantly for Winnie Dodge starting in April. In 1 month, Winnie Dodge had just ONE THIRD of the new vehicles they normally have on their lot. With few new units coming in, Winnie Dodge shifted their focus to used vehicles to make it through this ongoing inventory crunch. With little certainty on when it will end, Winnie Dodge needed to act NOW.  

Used inventory levels quickly followed new inventory. Winnie had a hard time replacing units as fast as they were going out. 

The dealership lot looked empty. And the high prices and fierce competition at the auctions made it difficult for Winnie to replenish their inventory. 

Winnie Dodge needed a plan to make it through this market, so they asked Fountain Forward to put together a campaign to stock their lot with used inventory. 

Fountain Forward decided to take advantage of their high vehicle prices and create hard, aggressive offers to buy the public’s vehicles. 

May 27th. The Stock Your Lot campaign officially launched. 

Within 24 hours, Winnie Dodge had purchased a vehicle. Almost overnight, Winnie Dodge had a steady stream of incoming leads wanting to sell their car to the dealership. Since starting the campaign, Winnie Dodge has averaged to buy 1 vehicle per day. 

On average, Winnie Dodge is saving $1,300 – $2,800 per car in costs associated with the auction. 

Within less than one month of starting the campaign, Winnie Dodge has purchased 25 vehicles. This campaign was a major reason the dealership was able to increase inventory levels by 30% in a single month. 

8 of the people who sold their vehicles from Winnie Dodge also purchased a vehicle from them! 

This campaign has created over $70,598.14 in economic benefit to Winnie Dodge, saving on auction costs and a nice little bump in sales with some healthy grosses. 

Fountain Forward created the “Stock Your Lot” campaign which generated Winnie Dodge an ROI of over 70 to 1 in the campaign’s first month. 

Dealerships around the country have found their dealership in a similar situation as Winnie Dodge. Empty lots and expensive, hard to get inventory.  

Fountain Forward has just started to offer this kick ass campaign to all dealerships that work with us. Each dealership on this program has purchased their first unit in less than 24 hours of starting this campaign and seeing similar results to Winnie Dodge. 

Fountain Forward is helping dealerships find a new avenue to increase inventory levels and make money in this inventory-constrained market. 

If you’re curious to see if we can help grow your dealership in a similar way, click the button below!