How Integrity Motors Increased Sales by 91% in 60 Days – The Offensive Mindset Dealerships Need

Imagine being a dealership that’s running a really lean operation and extracting as much value out of your hyper local area without much advertising and lots of referrals. 

You’re making money, but you know that your dealership has the capability to increase the store’s volume. The question remains: How to consistently execute to reach that volume goal?

Then, all of a sudden, you make one decision that propels the dealership towards hitting their objective.

That’s exactly what happened to Integrity Motors to start 2023.  

Here’s What Happened

Chris Komar, The owner of Integrity Motors found himself in this situation, realized the dealership needed to shift to an offensive mode to hit their objective.

The dealership had been relying on referrals and wasn’t advertising much to generate sales or the lead volume to get to his objective. 

The dealership averaged 23 sales in 2022, only twice surpassing 30 sales in a month. 

Despite the store’s performance, Chris believed that the same store can sell 60-100 units per month. 

Integrity Motors had one goal in mind when they contacted Fountain Forward: Increase Cars Sold. 

In January, Integrity Motors implemented Fountain Forward’s Automotive Accelerator and has been setting consecutive monthly records at the dealership. 

In just two months, their sales skyrocketed with 38 units recorded sold in January and February exceeding that number with 44 units sold. 

While we haven’t quite hit their ultimate sales objective of 60 units, the dealership is confident in their operation, and now looking to increase inventory levels so they reach their sales objective.  

So, how did Integrity Motors become a sales powerhouse, and how did Fountain Forward play into their progress towards their goals? Keep reading to find out.

Here’s How We Did It:

From the outset, it was clear that Jeff and Chris at Integrity Motors were dedicated to their craft and industry. 

They’ve been excellent at managing and sourcing their inventory, keeping a supply of high demand vehicles priced aggressively, and always putting in the effort to ensure their customers are happy. 

However, they were hesitant to spend money on advertising and were relying primarily on referrals and repeat business to drive sales over the last year. 

We knew that to achieve their goals we would need to shift their mindset from defensive to offensive.

Fountain Forward implemented The Automotive Accelerator to help Integrity Motors  1. optimize their marketing spend to find more in-market demand and 2. increase the quantity of opportunities at the dealership. 

Additionally, we recommended they switch to a new website provider to optimally handle the increased traffic we were anticipating. 

Since starting with Fountain Forward, Integrity Motors is receiving 3-5x the amount of traffic they averaged in 2022.

Good thing they switched web providers. The impact was immediate as their new website was optimized for conversions from the jump.

This was a key reason CORE lead volume exploded in the last few months.

But the lead volume wasn’t the ONLY factor that improved…

In our discovery process, Jeff mentioned that they weren’t confident with their CRM utilization. We recommended the dealership switch their CRM provider and commit to measuring how the sales people were capitalizing on appointments. 

In February, their first full month with their new CRM, Integrity Motors recorded a record number of appointments, with an appointment schedule rate of 36.45%. 

We’re proud of the way Chris and Jeff listened and took Fountain Forward’s suggestions, got buy-in from the sales team, and implemented the changes for the betterment of the dealership. 

In Conclusion:

In just two months, Integrity Motors’ sales figures went from an average of 23 units sold to 44 units sold in February. 

We commend Jeff and Chris for their dedication and their ability to embrace change in their sales strategy. We’re proud to continue working with them, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for Integrity Motors. 

With their newfound success, we’re confident they will continue to grow and push the dealership to new levels.