Fountain Forward

How to Become the Top Dealer in Your Sales Region in Two Months

Imagine you’re a Mitsubishi dealer averaging 33 new units per month. You are CERTAIN you can double your sales and you know the market is primed for it.

Then, a breakthrough. You implement a new plan to change your marketing mix and 90 days in, your dealership has now taken over as the NUMBER ONE Mitsubishi dealer in Houston, Texas (previously 3rd) after increasing new sales by 54.5%.

The dealership’s new marketing mix decreased the cost per car by 51%, saving $547.22 per car sold.

That’s exactly what happened to the team at Bayside Mitsubishi after they partnered with Fountain Forward to guide their automotive marketing strategy.

How To Take Over a New Dealership and Double Sales in Under 60 Days

Imagine you’re buying a brand new dealership and in your mind you are thinking, “Maybe I’ll be profitable by the end of this year.” or “I hope to make my investment back in two to three years.”

Then, in your very first month after buying that dealership, you end up hitting your expected pro forma that you were planning to hit over a year from now.

In your first full month at your dealership, you have had the BEST month ever in the trackable history of that dealership.

Seems pretty crazy right?

Well, that’s exactly what happened for GM and owner, Josh Wischnewsky of Wischnewsky Dodge.

Since Fountain Forward helped Josh hit first place in his PMA for his other dealership, Winnie Dodge, Josh hired us immediately for his next dealership for consulting, advertising, and branding.

Swope Mitsubishi: Our Facebook Strategy nearly beat a Toyota store

Imagine increasing grosses at your dealership by over 50% next month (32% year over year) without increasing your dealership’s advertising budget.

Could you believe that changing your strategy on just one platform could boost sales AND profits at your dealership? Again, without spending any more money.

That is exactly what happened to Swope Mitsubishi in Radcliff, Kentucky.

Swope hired Fountain Forward to run ads on Facebook and then analyze them with Analytics Edge. In an attempt to maximize Swope’s constrained marketing budget, we used all available ad spend on our proprietary Facebook strategy.

Swope’s Facebook ads provided an immediate increase in opportunity at the dealership, ultimately increasing the dealership’s profitability.