Pat Clemons Inc

The dealership reached out to Fountain Forward for a new strategy to increase website lead volume and hit a sales target unit/month.

In the first three months, they achieved record-breaking results across the board hitting their objective of selling 30 units.

Client Testimonial

Swope Mitsubishi, was not very active before partnering up with Fountain Forward.

Once the strategies were put in place, the dealership very quickly reached 120% increased in their internet leads within the first 45 days and the volume when up 30%. This client is extremely happy with this relationship and how Fountain Forward has addressed all their failure points.

Strategy Change

By partnering with Fountain Forward and implementing our Automotive Accelerator and Search Engine Optimization strategies in the third month of working with us, Pat Clemons Inc. achieved record-breaking results across the board.
Not only did they hit their objective of selling 30 units in March, but they also achieved total record sales and used sales. Additionally, they saw a significant increase in their total leads, and most importantly, their website leads nearly doubled from last year, reaching an impressive 98%.

Pat Clemons Results

The dealership’s specific problem was the inability to identify bottlenecks that were limiting sales. By addressing these issue hand by hand with Fountain Forward, the store achieved record-breaking results across the board.

  • In the first three months, they achieved their objective of selling 30 units.
  • They saw a significant increase in their total leads growth by 43%
  • Website leads nearly doubled from the past year, reaching an impressive 98%
  • Without increasing ad spend, Swope Mitsubishi increased sales by 18% year over year and 13% month over month along with increasing grosses 55.7% month over month in December, our first month after launching our new Facebook ads strategy.
  • In January of 2021, the dealership was over 200% more profitable year over year.
  • Just three months after running social ads, Swope Mitsubishi recorded a record amount of lead volume in February of 2021.
    These aren’t Cargurus, AutoTrader, or other Third Parties. These are CORE Leads coming through their website.

Fountain Forward Steps

  • Implemented The Automotive Accelerator to quickly pinpoint the dealership’s areas where improvements can be made in order to maximize car sales and increase their profits.
  • We implemented an ad system focus on controlling the buyer’s journey friction and optimizing conversion to the dealer’s first-party data for lead follow-up and close. The dealership’s internet presence should communicate one unifying brand message and identity.
  • With an optimized sales process and budget, our dealers quickly see an uptick in core leads and cars sold.

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