Bishop Automotive

With the Automotive Accelerator, we determined that Bishop Automotive had insufficient opportunities. The primary goal was to increase its market share and sell 50 units per month.

The store has seen incredible results in the first month of working with us! Including a 56% increase in website leads and a 47% increase in sales.

Client Testimonial

Swope Mitsubishi, was not very active before partnering up with Fountain Forward.

Once the strategies were put in place, the dealership very quickly reached 120% increased in their internet leads within the first 45 days and the volume when up 30%. This client is extremely happy with this relationship and how Fountain Forward has addressed all their failure points.

Strategy Change

The implemented ad system will focus on controlling the buyer’s journey friction and optimizing conversion to the dealer’s first-party data for lead follow-up and close. The dealership’s internet presence should communicate one unifying brand message and identity.

While we’re not quite at our goal of selling 50 units per month yet, with the implementation of The Automotive Accelerator, Bishop Chevrolet is capturing in-market auto intenders and driving them to their website for specific vehicles.

Bishop Automotive Results

After analyzing their data, Fountain Forward implemented Facebook Direct Response Ads and Dynamic Retargeting to capture and drive in-market auto intenders to the dealership’s website for specific vehicles.

  • In the first month of working with Fountain Forward, they experienced a significant increase in sales going from 19 units to 28 units.
  • Their website leads increased from 13 to 60 leads in just 30 days.
  • The dealership also increased its year-to-date market share percentage by 48.21% in the first 30 days.
  • Without increasing ad spend, Swope Mitsubishi increased sales by 18% year over year and 13% month over month along with increasing grosses 55.7% month over month in December, our first month after launching our new Facebook ads strategy.
  • In January of 2021, the dealership was over 200% more profitable year over year.
  • Just three months after running social ads, Swope Mitsubishi recorded a record amount of lead volume in February of 2021.
    These aren’t Cargurus, AutoTrader, or other Third Parties. These are CORE Leads coming through their website.

Fountain Forward Steps

  • Implemented The Automotive Accelerator to quickly pinpoint the dealership’s areas where improvements can be made in order to maximize car sales and increase their profits.
  • We work by gathering first-party data to identify where your budget is most effectively spent and developing a plan customized for Bishop Automotive’s performance and sales goals.
  • With an optimized sales process and budget, our dealers quickly see an uptick in core leads and cars sold.

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