Marketing for Small Business

As a small business owner, you want a strategy to market your brand and services to the public. You want a digital marketing firm that works with you to understand and realize your vision for showcasing your professional services to potential customers. That’s us at Fountain Forward!

Marketing Agency For Small Business

Marketing is Important to Your Small Business

Customers want to find products and services like yours online. People conduct “near me” searches on a regular basis, and they tend to visit a business within five miles of their location. More than half of mobile users say they are more likely to contact local businesses with mobile-friendly websites. Is your online presence ready for them?

A significant number of people seeking professional services are searching online, and the majority of those are using their smartphones. Whether you are a lawyer, health clinic, dental practice, or physical therapist, you want your local community to find you easily online. 

Fountain Forward works with you to define an online marketing strategy that gets your small business in front of potential customers searching for professional services online. Contact us to discuss your small business website needs

Website Design for Small Business

Your website design shapes your customers’ perception of your brand. First impressions make a big difference, and that applies to websites, too. Exceptional website design helps keep leads on your page and increases the likelihood of converting them to customers.

Fountain Forward has the experience, skills, and expertise needed to design a website that search engines will find. We help you develop the user experience that keeps prospective customers browsing your site.

Website Design For Small Business
SEO Marketing For Small Business

SEO for Small Businesses

Good search engine optimization (SEO) allows small businesses to rank higher in search results in competitive local markets. Local searches typically result in half of mobile visitors patronizing a business within one day. SEO generates more qualified leads browsing your website or calling your business ahead of the competition. Fountain Forward has the SEO knowledge and expertise your practice or clinic needs to improve your ranking in search results.

Social Media Marketing For Small Business

Social media marketing (SMM) can put your small business in front of a myriad of potential customers every day. Having a presence on local media is a must in the current marketplace. Your presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can generate more leads and potential clients with the right SMM strategy. Fountain Forward works closely with your small business or service and helps you build your social media presence for optimal lead generation.

Social Media Marketing For Small Business
PPC Marketing For Small Business

Adwords Marketing For Small Business

The pay-per-click (PPC) model of internet marketing is a proven, low-cost method of driving traffic to your small business website. You pay a search engine a small fee when a visitor clicks your ad and goes to your site. When the resulting sale of services nets many times the per-click fee, it’s a winning strategy.

Fountain Forward has digital marketing expertise that gets your small business noticed. Our targeted small business PPC campaigns can help drive more traffic to your site as part of your overall digital marketing strategy.

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The Problem:Bayway Auto Group opened a new car dealership near Houston, TX and were looking to grow sales in their primary market area (PMA).

The Solution: Establish A Presence Locally, Develope A Website, Make money and track it.

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