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Dealership 3-Point Inspection

Analytics, Search and Social Experts make a detailed assessment of your business to determine the opportunity available to your business. This is then distilled into a presentation by our sales team and used by our strategist to reallocate vudgets, benchmark your store compared to others in the industry and create a growth roadmap to reach your intended objectives. 

Automotive Conversion Rate Optimization

We’ve analyzed hundreds of websites to find the common factors in websites that can successfully convert their visitors. We’ve identified several factors that directly increase your website conversion rate and we provide this information and the changes needed to your website provider in order to make it a seamless transition for you.

Database Rehashing

For businesses that record a list of customer info, we’re able to upload that into our advertising platforms like Facebook and target these customers with new offers, like vehicle service coupons or discounts for returning customers, etc.

Sales Pod Strategy

The implementation of the sales pods at a dealership is meant to incentivize the sales team to handle leads more efficiently by creating a competition amongst the sales floor.In addition to incentivizing the sales staff to compete and boost overall performance, the sales pods will force the sales staff to accurately and appropriately use the CRM. This will allow the dealership to have a more accurate look at the strengths and weaknesses of its sales staff as a collective group.

Ideal Automotive Follow-up Process & Templates.

Over the years of working with automotive dealerships we’ve found that a sales team typically has their own way or strategy to handle new leads. Some more successful than others. We’ve consolidated a list of those best practices for handling leads, and took it a step further by creating template responses your sales team can use to more efficiently and effectively communicate with their prospective customers. Saving you time and making you more money.

Marketing Mix Model

This Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) Dealership Audit will show how a dealership’s budget mix ranks versus an ideal marketing mix, and how much the dealership could be making if the mix was optimized.